Young Pioneer Tours

Africa Tours

Our Africa tours are run in accordance with YPT’s branding and ethos: a competitive price, expert guides, and most importantly an adventure that will stick with you for life. Every tour is accompanied by an experienced western YPT guide and to encourage friendships and good times we cap our tour groups at a maximum of 24 people. Once we hit 25, we divide our tours into two different groups with their own vehicle, local guides and western YPT guides. Group sizes are usually around 10 – 12 people. As we like to say, “we do group tours for people who hate group tours”.

If our scheduled group African tours don’t match your travel dates or interests, we can create your very own private tour. Our independent tours are suitable for all solo travellers, couples, friends, families and travel groups. During your private tour you will be accompanied by local guides (several languages are available), and you will have your own driver and air conditioned vehicle. YPT provides full visa support.