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South Sudan

The world’s youngest nation, South Sudan, couldn’t be more different from the nation it painfully split from, Sudan. It is a land of extreme diversity which has kept traditions for thousands of years. While Sudan speaks Arabic and is mostly Muslim, South Sudan is a country of a hundred languages and animalistic beliefs. You are certain to be taken aback by the difference. This is why YPT had to start doing tours there.

Most people visiting South Sudan, due to its tragic recent history, will only fly to Juba, visit it (under strict surveillance) for a day and consider it done. If one really wants to see South Sudan and properly enjoy it however, you’ll have to get out of Juba to the encounter of the different tribes of the country.

This is why YPT now offers both scheduled group tours and independent tours to South Sudan. You will find many extremely expensive tours on the market under the excuse that the infrastructures of Sudan make it extremely expensive to travel there. We offer very competitive prices, without compromising the safety of our customers of the quality of the trip

We can offer:

  • Tours of Juba
  • 4 day tours (Juba and the Mundari tribes)
  • 8 day tours (Juba, the Mundari tribes and the Dinka tribes)
  • 11 day tours (Juba, the Mundari tribes, the Dinka tribes and the Toposa Tribes)
  • Safaris to Nimule National Park

Our tour packages all come with transportation, expert english speaking local guides as well as all required permits and documentation to travel to South Sudan. We also arrange an entry permit so that you can get your visa on arrival and avoid a visit at the South Sudan embassy.