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Tour Extensions

Below are our list of tour extensions that can be added before or after your tour to North Korea to give you more of an insight into China and the DPRK.

Overnight in Sinuiju

Would you like to be one of the first westerners to explore a newly opened city in the DPRK? Why not make the most of your trip to Pyongyang and visit North Korea’s largest city along the border of China. Our Sinuiju overnight extension gives …

For more information click this link: Overnight in Sinuiju

DMZ Day Tour Extension


The DMZ is strictly a no man’s land which divides the Korean peninsula into two nations. With landmines, high concrete walls, tank traps and soldiers guarding this area 24/7, it is dubbed the tensest border in the world. Panmunjom is the only area where tourists from both North and South Korea are allowed to visit with access to the UN owned “blue hut” which gives you the advantage of technically standing in both Koreas at once.

For more information click this link: DMZ Day Tour Extension

Mt Kumgang Extension

One of the more scenic ways to extend your group tour in North Korea is on the Mt. Kumgang extension. This tour will take you all the way to the east side of the Korean Peninsula to visit the famous Mt Kumgang region and the sunny coast of Wonsan city. …

For more information click this link: Mt Kumgang Extension

Mt Myohyang Day Tour Extension

Extend your visit to North Korea by heading up north to visit Mt Myohyang where the incredibly unique International Friendship Exhibition is built into the mountain and displaying every gift presented to Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un from people, governments and institutions all over the world. One of the absolute must see sights of North Korea.

For more information click this link: Mt Myohyang Day Tour Extension

Wonsan City Beach Extension

Wonsan City Beach

Wonsan is most famous for having the best beach and seafood in the DPRK. The beach itself stretches for over a few kilometers and is located right next to Tongmyong Hotel where we’ve organized your accommodation. Come join the locals for fishing, swimming, or beach games!

For more information click this link: Wonsan City Beach Extension

Pyongyang Golf Extension

Fancy a round of golf while you’re in Pyongyang? Why not add this extension to the golf course? Originally sponsored by the Chongryon Association in Japan, this is currently the only golf course in the country after the removal of the course at Kumgangsan and the 9 hole course on Yanggakdo island.

For more information click this link: Pyongyang Golf Extension

Haeju City Extension

If you’re looking to get well off the beaten track during your North Korea tour, why not take an extension to Haeju city, the little-seen capital of South Hwanghae province. Located 100km south of Pyongyang and 60km North of the DMZ, Haeju has a population of around 236,000 and is rarely visited by Tourists.

For more information click this link: Haeju City Extension

North Korea Skiing Extension

We are now offering the chance to extend your group tour in North Korea with our Masikryong Ski Resort extension! Whilst you’re visiting North Korea between December to February why not hit the slopes and enjoy your time in the North Korean wilderness.

For more information click this link: North Korea Skiing Extension

Day trip to Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

Sinuiju Tour – A day trip into North Korea!

The only way to see North Korea for just one day. Our Sinuiju day trip gives you the perfect opportunity to get a deeper look to the cosy Sinuiju city that lies directly across the Yalu River from Dandong city in China.

For more information click this link: Day trip to Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

Dandong Tour (China)


Being the only foreign tour company based in Dandong let us show you what this incredibly interesting city has to offer.

For more information click this link: Dandong Tour (China)

Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tucked all the way in the far north east of China, Harbin the capital city of Heilongjiang province hosts the world’s largest and most awe-inspiring ice & snow sculpture festival every year from the end of December to the end of February.

For more information click this link: Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Chinese Ghost City Tour – Ordos-Kangbashi

Chinese Ghost City – Ordos and Kangbashi Tour

If you’ve ever spent any time in a Chinese city you’ll be well used to the throng, walking the night markets where it seems like every conceivable snack is on offer or pushing your way through people trying to sell you things outside train stations. Kangbashi is different, and it is almost a welcome novelty having almost a whole city square, a hospital, train station or apartment complex to ourselves.

For more information click this link: Chinese Ghost City Tour – Ordos-Kangbashi

Beijing Great Wall Tour (China)

The Great Wall of China – Day Tour in Beijing

So you’re coming to Beijing and have a day to spare. Why not make the most of your time in Beijing by heading out of the capital to explore the very famous Great Wall of China. We can organise your very own local English speaking guide and private transportation as you prepare for a must see adventure.

For more information click this link: Beijing Great Wall Tour (China)

Xi’an Tour (China)

Xi’an Ancient China Tour

The capital city of the Qin and Tang dynasties, home to the Terracotta Warriors and starting point for the historic Silk Road, Xi’an is one of the must-see cities of China. Our YPT local guide takes you around the main sights of the city, spending a half-day out at the Terracotta Warriors and Banpo Archaeological Site. We’ll take in the sights and tastes of the Muslim Quarter, exploring the markets and alleyways and visiting the Great Mosque, before we take in a fountain show at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the evening.

For more information click this link: Xi’an Tour (China)

Beijing City Tour (China)

Beijing Tour

We’ve specifically designed this extension tour to not only fit in comfortably with your DPRK tour with us but also your chance to see all the must see sights in China’s vast capital, all in one neat and tidy package. So to save yourself stressing about navigating Beijing’s subway or putting up with language barriers with Beijing’s fierce taxi drivers, we are able to provide you with a fun and playful local tour guide!

For more information click this link: Beijing City Tour (China)