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Links pages might not hold the weight that they once did, but we’ve regardless decided to update our own links page for 2019. Our list is split into companies within our group, partner companies, link exchanges, and some of the best travel resources we recommend.

Young Pioneer Tours partners

Visit North Korea

YPT’s sister organization that specialize in engagement, education and cultural exchange programs in North Korea. Some of their programs mirror ours, but they are very much their own people.

Cuban Pioneers

Cuban Pioneers is YPT’s sister company specializing in group and independent packages to the ever-opening Cuba, as well as running YPT’s group trips to the country.

Pioneers Korea

Our partner consultancy helping people navigate doing business in North Korea.

Pioneer Media

Our partner film production, and location company. Filming in places your mother would rather you stayed away from.

Red Star Publications

We are currently working on this site, but Red Star Publications is the Young Pioneer Tours extended gift shop, and overall communist supermarket

Cheap Tickets

YPT’s very own flight and hotel booking engine offering the cheapest flights from over 800 airlines.

YPT Partner companies

The following companies are not owned by Young Pioneer Tours, but we are known to run tours in partnership with them, and very much recommend them.

Culture Road

Our partners in the Netherlands who we work on a number of tours with. Very professional outfit and very much partners of Young Pioneer Tours.

Global Village Tours

Our sister company in Ireland who again partner on with many tours. Another professional outfit that Young Pioneer Tours very much recommend.

Rocky Road Travel 

Specialising in small-group and independent travel, Rocky Road is headed by former YPT Shane Horan, who has over ten years’ experience in the industry and is a prolific blogger and photographer.

DPRK (North Korea resources)

There’s an awful lot of good, and bad resources out there about the DPRK. Young Pioneer Tours have compiled what we think are currently the best resources out there about the country.

NK News

Kind of famous enough not to need an endorsement from Young Pioneer Tours, but the only true source of legitimate news about North Korea. Believe us we’ve seen some of the worst!

DPRK Website Guide

This website is the most comprehensive guide to all websites hosted from North Korea, such as .kp, as well as other sites of interested to the DPRK watcher!


Another Young Pioneer Tours project to publish news, and periodicals directly from North Korea.

Mass Games Guide

Official guide to the history and workings of the mass games in North Korea, currently known as Glorious Fatherland.

Great Blogs

There’s a lot of great travel blogs out there in the world, but Young Pioneer Tours certainly have our own favorites. Here’s blogs we’ve worked with, have travelled with, or we simply just like!

The Young Pioneer

Our sister publication run independently of Young Pioneer Tours (their views are their own) focusing on the weird world of travel.

Monsoon Diaries

If we had to pick a favourite it would be these guys. We’ve been to over 30 countries and all 7 continents with these guys. A great blog from great people.

Don’t Stop Living

The legendary Johnny Blair is someone we have worked with a lot and much more importantly is THE expert on Micronations. WE love his blog.

The Street Food Guy

The blog of our founder Gareth Johnson, and his love and travel, and street food. Can’t say much more than that.

Philippines Lifestyle News

One of the leading sources of news and views about the Philippines and beyond.

Cool links

At YPT we love a cool website, or concept, so here’s some links to some we really like.

Let’s Buy An Island

The concept? To crowdfund buying, and running an island a bit like a Micronation! Lots of Pioneers involved with this project, and it is a very interesting one.

Ryugyong Hotel Guide

Guide and blog about everything you need to know about the world’s tallest unoccupied building, The Ryugyong Hotel

Yangshuo Expat

Want to know what it is like to be an expat in Yangshuo? Read this site!

Bir Tawil

The guide to all things Honiara, Solomon Islands

Tuvalu Guide

Guide to everything about Majuro the capital of the Marshall Islands

Link Exchange

YPT offers link exchanges with companies and organisations that it feels matches our Pioneer spirit. If you, or your organisation would like to do a link exchange with us, get in touch.