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Mali is definetely one of YPT’s favourite destinations. Completely out of the tourist track, it is a land with its own culture and offers the quintessential african experience and gorgeous scenery.


For most people, the visa for Mali must be obtained in advance. YPT will provide you with the letter of invitation necessary for you to get your visa either in your home country or a country neighbouring Mali. The process varies greatly from embassy to embassy but is never overly complicated.

What can you do there

Mali is renowned for its Dogon culture. The Dogon are a predominantly animistic group of tribes who have kept their beliefs up to this day and are famous for their masks dances. YPT can take you to Dogon villages where you can assist to some of those dances. Most of these villages are quite reclused, so it is a fantastic occasion for trekking lovers to do treks of a few days. For those who are not into trekking, some Dogon villages are only an hour or so from the nearest roads. We have contacts in those villages and can easily organise homestays there.

Apart from the Dogon country, YPT can organise trips including the main cities of Mali from the laid back river town of Segou to the busy city of Mopti and its even busier port.

Please note that, at the moment, we do not take people past Mopti, up north, as this is past the UN security line and we deem it unsafe. This includes, sady, Timbuktu.

However, the city of Djenne offers a lot of things that Timbuktu is famous for as, for example, the same mud-structures and a museum of manuscripts. In fact, Djenne has the world’s biggest mud building, its Great Mosque.

Mali is a land of river and nature and we can organise boat trips along the Niger and Bani rivers as well as wild camping in many places!