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  • $1195

Extreme Philippines Tour

Crucifixions, hanging coffins and beaches

  • Start Date : April 6th 2023
    End Date : April 13th 2023
  • Duration: 7 nights, 8 days
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  • $1995

Venezuela Angel Falls And Bolivarian Revolution Tour

Explore the incredibly diverse and fascinating country of Venezuela!

  • Start Date : April 19th 2023
    End Date : April 24th 2023
  • Duration: 5 nights, 6 days
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  • $895 / $1195

Cuba May Day Revolutionary Tour

Part Soviet era parade, part Latin American carnival; there’s really only one place to be on May Day

  • Start Date : April 25th 2023
    End Date : May 2nd / 4th 2023
  • Duration: 8 days / 10 days
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Syria Revolutionary Tour


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travel to europe for holiday
Where Are The Most Peaceful Places In Europe to Holiday?

When you’ve had a long and busy quarter, six months or a year, you want to take time off. Imagine a peaceful place that’s surrounde …

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Guide to Guiding
YPT Guide to Guiding – Traveling as a Guide – Ireland to Cambodia

At Young Pioneer Tours we are regularly hiring tour guides and also dealing with applications from people wishing to guide for us. …

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