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From the YPT Africa office in Dakar, Senegal, we have been running tours to Africa since 2016. Our first group tour was to take part in the 25th anniversary of independence in Somaliland, one of our favourite unrecognised countries, as well as the 25th year of independence in Eritrea, sometimes described as the ‘North Korea of Africa’. These two YPT signature tours take you to two of the most difficult to get to places outside of North Korea. In 2018 we will also be adding new destinations to our expanding YPT Africa tours, so stay in touch for exciting announcements!

All our international tours are run in accordance with YPT’s branding and ethos: a super price, expert guides, and most importantly an adventure that will stick with you for life. We run tours for people who hate group tours, and we do not run groups larger than 25 people (at 26 we split into two. Average size 10 people). All groups are led by expert guides that know the destinations and are passionate about what they do. We also strongly believe in value, and generally, our prices are unbeatable.

With our ever-expanding experience in the region and closer ties with local partners, YPT can help you with your travel plans in Africa.

For Eritrea and Somaliland, if you can’t join us on the combo tour, we can arrange independent travel for you any time that fits you. We can also organise visa support for Eritrea and Somaliland, let us know what your travel plans are and we’ll help you organise them!

Click here for our Eritrea and Somaliland specific page

Do I need a visa?

Almost everyone needs a visa for Eritrea and Somaliland, but we can provide assistance with securing letters of invitation to be used for visa on arrival or for getting a visa in one of the embassies or interest sections around the world.

Where does the tour start and finish?

The Somaliland Independence Day Tour starts and finishes in Hargeisa, and the Eritrea National Day tour starts and finishes in Asmara. We also offer travel between the two countries on the combo tour, where we will fly via Dubai.

Where can I fly from to Eritrea or Somaliland?

To Asmara in Eritrea you can fly from Dubai, Cairo, Jeddah, Khartoum, Doha and Istanbul, but generally the best deals can be found via Dubai.

To Hargeisa in Somaliland you can fly from Djibouti, Cairo, Nairobi, Jeddah, Addis Ababa, Sanaa or Dubai, which is the option we recommend.

Can I withdraw money in Eritrea and Somaliland?

No, there are no international ATMs in Eritrea or Somaliland, you should bring enough Euros or US dollars with you to Eritrea, and in Somaliland only US dollars will be accepted.

I am a woman; do I have to wear a headscarf?

No, clothing is generally quite relaxed in both Eritrea and Somaliland but we recommend not wearing anything too short and keeping shoulders covered. When we go swimming in Somaliland women will be required to wear long clothing over swimwear.

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  • €2295

Equatorial Guinea Independence Day Tour

YPT's first ever foray into this African dictatorship

  • Start Date : October 11th 2018
    End Date : October 18th, 2018
  • Duration: 8 Days/7 Nights
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  • €2795

Saharan Odyssey – Morocco, Western Sahara & Mauritania Tour

Three countries (one unrecognized) in two weeks!

  • Start Date : January 7th 2019
    End Date : 21st January 2019
  • Duration: 15 days/ 14 nights
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  • €1295

Complete Ethiopia Experience Tour

Experience just about everything the Jewel of Africa; Ethiopia has to offer!

  • Start Date : May 6th 2019
    End Date : May 15th 2019
  • Duration: 9 nights, 10 days
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  • €3685

Horn of Africa Combo Tour

Join us for our epic African adventure!

  • Start Date : May 6th 2019
    End Date : May 30, 2019
  • Duration: 24 nights / 25 days
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  • €1195

Somaliland Independence Day Tour

Celebrate Independence Day with Somalilanders!

  • Start Date : May 15th 2019
    End Date : 21 May 2019
  • Duration: 6 nights, 7 days
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  • €2390

Somaliland and Eritrea – Horn of Africa Independence Tour

Make the most out of the Horn of Africa with our Independence Day Combo

  • Start Date : May 15th 2019
    End Date : 30th May 2019
  • Duration: 14 nights, 15 days
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  • €1295

Eritrea National Day Tour

Watch the National Day parade and be part of living history in Eritrea

  • Start Date : May 22nd 2019
    End Date : 30th May 2019
  • Duration: 8 nights, 8 days
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