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How to Get a Visa for South Sudan

As the world’s youngest nation and a developing country crippled after a nasty civil war,  you might be surprised to learn that it is actually possible to visit South Sudan.  It is most likely that you will need a visa to visit the country. While getting a visa to (northern) Sudan isn’t hard, South Sudan has just made it nice and simple to get an e-visa in advance too. Read about the differences between Sudan and South Sudan here.

How to get the e-visa

All you need to do to get the visa is book a tour with YPT. Then we will send you a Letter of Invitation (LOI). Then you simply go on the government portal and apply. You will need to upload the LOI, a copy of your passport, a yellow fever vaccination certificate, and for the time being either proof of covid-19 vaccine or a negative covid test certificate taken within the past 72 hours. The fee for a single entry visa is generally $100 and open to nearly all nationalities. You will then receive your e-visa generally within 48 hours.

Can I get a visa from an embassy?

Technically yes, but the process is seemingly still long and not worth the hassle now the e-visa is a possibility. There is a South Sudan embassy in half a dozen European capitals, one in Washington DC, one in China, one in India and a number in Africa itself. You can also get visa on arrival at land borders such as the one from Uganda but again, this is not necessary now with the e-visa.

What else do I need to know?

The main thing that you need to know about visiting South Sudan is that there is a fee for extra cameras you take along. Most people visiting the country are doing so to visit the national parks and the tribes, such as the Mundari. You are allowed one camera free of charge, and for any extra cameras you have to pay $100 extra on arrival. You also need to declare how many lenses you have with you. Smartphones do not count and can be freely brought in.

Is it safe to travel to South Sudan?

While South Sudan is still young and there are complex tribal and political relationships, it is generally safe to travel around the country with a local guide.

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