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Libya tourist e-visa scheme now available

As of the 24th March 2024 Libya launched a groundbreaking new Libya tourist e-visa scheme which makes visiting Libya a lot more accessible for tourists wanting to explore the country.

Previously the State of Libya was one of the most complicated countries to visit as a tourist. Tales of extreme bureaucracy and complicated manoeuvres were quite common for foreigners who wanted to travel and explore this rather off the beaten path country. Now this has become a lot easier for you and now is the best time to visit Libya.

However, this does not mean that independent travel to Libya is allowed. Visiting Libya is a lot like visiting North Korea – all foreigners must be escorted by special tourism officers for the entirity of your stay within the country. YPT arranges this for you to ensure your e-visa is approved and your tour to Libya is guaranteed.

How to apply for the Libya e-visa?

To apply for your Libya tourist e-visa you’ll first need to head to the official government website. The first step is to create an account which will be tied to a nominated email address of yours.

As you log into your account for the first time an OTP will be emailed to you to verify your email address. With our experience this email can take a few seconds. If you have not received it, please check your spam folder.

Then you simply login, fill in your passport details, your dates of intended travel, our sponsor details, and pay your e-visa online using your credit card.

The e-visa fee is $68 USD. Your e-visa PDF document will then be sent to your inbox. This usually takes from 3 to 5 business days to process. Remember in Libya Friday and Saturday is a weekend according to local Islamic culture.

Who can apply for the Libya e-visa?

Currently, all nationalities are eligible for obtaining a tourist Libya e-visa including those from the US. The exception is made to Israelis. Both male and female travellers can apply for the e-visa.

Is it safe to visit Libya?

We have been arranging group tours and private tours for foreigners to Libya since 2021 and the situation is very different from the initial post-Gaddafi days.

As always though you should seek the advice of agencies such as the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UKFCO) before deciding to travel.

The Libya e-visa specifics

The e-visa once issued to you from that date is valid up to 90 days for 1 single entry. There is a multi-entry option on your application but as a tourist this does not apply to you.

There are a few quirks when filling out the application that may trigger a ‘system busy’ error message which means a field has not been entered in correctly. During your booking with YPT we will send you instructions on how to avoid these quirky errors to ensure your e-visa is approved on time and you are ready for your tour with us.

How can I travel to Libya?

Be sure to contact us to secure your group tour or private tour to Libya with us.

Libya is still not a country that allows independent tourist meaning to go alone! This is though very exciting news and we will be greatly expanding our Libyan tour packages as a result.

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