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Money in Sudan – 2024 Guide

The Republic of Sudan uses the Sudanese Pound as its national currency, its use of the pond rather then the Dinar is a vestige of colonial times and is in line with Egypt and Syria who also use the pound.

The currency code for the Sudanese fund is SDG.

How much is the Sudanese fund worth and what are the denominations?

Sudan has seen rampant inflation over the last few years which has meant a few things, firstly most menus are either out of date, or have new prices on them, things now cost a lot more and notes do not come in high denominations. 

As of November 2023, $1 = 540 SDG

The highest detonation note available is 500, so less than 90 cents. This means even buying something for $10 means handing over a HUGE wads off cash. Our local partners literally had to carry a bag of money reminiscent of a heist movie in order to get the tour working. 

For context in 2019 $1 equalled about 45 SGD.

Other notes in circulation include 10’s, 50’s, 100’s and 200’s. It is assumed that higher denomination notes will be become available in 2023, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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Can you use other currencies in Sudan?

UK pounds, Euro and Egyptian pounds can be easily converted at the airport, money changers, at your hotel, or even with guides, but changing back excess SGD is no easy task, so do not change more than you really have to.

Notes would also be in mint condition, for example when you enter the country with visa ion arrival you need to give a crisp new $100 bill, or be charged 150 Euro if your note isn’t good enough. 

Generally speaking you cannot use other currencies to pay for things and all transactions are done with Sudanese pounds. 

Can you use credit cards in Sudan?

The easy answer to this is no you cannot, with us only seeing one place that took cards, namely the Corinthia Hotel, better known as the Gaddafi Egg which took VISA and MasterCard, although no Amex……

Even with hotel booking apps cards did not appear to wrk at all.

Can you use ATM’s in Sudan?

You will see ATM’s and point if sale machines throughout Sudan, but much like in North Korea, or Transnistria these are for local cards only and due to sanctions these are not compliant with international cards, which includes UnionPay.

Again the only exception to the rule was at the Corinthia where we found an ATM.

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Said machine took a Brazilian card, but not my trusty ABA card from Cambodia. Cash is King, Queen and Prince when it comes to spending in Sudan. 

Luckily though, and at least with our tours almost everything is included, so the main cash you need is merely for souvenirs and tips for your guides. Note it is also technically illegal to take money out if the country and they will try and shake you down for doing so. 

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