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North Korean Culture

There are many reasons why one might visit North Korea, but to our mind one of the priorities when visiting has to be to learn more about the fascinating and truly unique North Korean culture. We certainly believe that our tours are more about cultural exchange than simple tourism.

North Korean Education System

North Korean culture | North Korean Education System

The North Korean education system wholly embraces the socialist model of providing free education for all. There is a year of preschool and eleven years of compulsory (and free) education in the country. Following graduation from school, university tutelage is supplemented by vocational colleges, work experience programs and night school. All of this is provided by the state.

On a good number of our tours it’s possible to visit North Korean schools and universities; it’s even possible to teach or study there.


As with any socialist country, there is a particular emphasis on science. North Korea has been involved in a number of scientific breakthroughs – and we’re not talking on the nuclear front. Whilst it might be somewhat controversial, the North Korean space program is something that they are extremely proud of.

Literature and art in North Korea

Both Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were prolific writers, and both their personal views and the Juche ideology have had a great impact on North Korean literature.

Artistically, North Korea is world-renowned for its monuments. Their style of art has found its way all over the world, particularly to many African countries.

It is, of course, impossible to talk about art in North Korea without mentioning the Mass Games. The world’s largest mass gymnastics performance is undoubtedly one of the most impressive spectacles on earth, and is currently represented by the Glorious Fatherland theme.

Sports in North Korea

Like many socialist countries, North Korea punches way above it weight when it comes to competitive sports. They have won a number of medals in weightlifting and football/soccer for both men and women.

The (North) Korean language

The North Koreans are very proud of both their heritage and their language. The Pyongyang dialect, whilst sharing a lot of similarities with its Southern counterpart, features its fair share of idiosyncrasies.

This is, of course, far from a comprehensive exploration of North Korean culture, but it’s a start. To explore the country’s fascinating for yourself, sign up for a tour!