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Unified flag of Korea

The flag design representing unified korea or the unified flag of Korea

The Unified Flag of Korea is the flag used when North and South Korea either unite as one team, march together or attend various meetings between the countries.

What is the unified flag of Korea?

It consists of a plain white background with a blue silhouette form of the Korean peninsula imposed onto it. The Korean peninsula always includes Jeju Island but Ullieungdo and Dokdo islands have been variously included and not excluded depending on the politics of the time.

What is the history of the United Korea flag?

The flag was originally envisaged to be used at the 1990 Asian Games, but was first used in 1991 at the World Youth Football Competition in Lisbon, Portugal. It was one of the only times Korea have presented a unified football (soccer) team.

Since then, the flag has been used regularly at sporting events. It was used most recently at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Pyeongchang County, Republic of Korea, as well as by the Women’s Ice-Hockey Team who took part in the Olympics as a unified Korea.

How is the flag used in a political context?

The flag has different political connotations on both sides of the Korean border. In North Korea, it is often used in place of the South Korean flag when delegations from the south, such as the President, visit North Korea. It is thus used to replace the Republic of Korea’s flag, which is illegal in North Korea.

The North have also been to known to use the flag at events where reunification is being promoted by locals and foreigners alike.

The unified flag has also been the suggested flag of the theoretical Confederal Republic of Koryo, should that state ever come into being.

And that is our take on the unified flag of Korea! For more information about the flag of North Korea check here and for the flag of South Korea check here.

And, remember, Korea Is One!

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