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3 Revolutions Exhibition

The 3 Revolutions Exhibition in North Korea is one of the weirder parts of the tourist trail, but for me anyway, one of my favourites.

A somewhat strange affair, the 3 Revolutions exhibition is used to promote the 3 Revolutions brought about in North Korea by President Kim Il Sung, namely ideological, technical and cultural. It some ways, it very much is an exhibition and has been compared in some quarters to the Epcot Centre in Florida or by an old Socialist veteran like me to Expo Cuba (which sadly no longer exists.)

So, what is there to see and do at the 3 Revolutions Exhibition? So, so much!

We should start with the most famous, or perhaps infamous part of the place, and that is the Planetarium, its a bit weird, but offers a great view of the night sky, as well as video evidence of the two North Korean satellites that were launched, one of which swaps to animation always through….This is the satellite that some allege never reached its target of outer space…..

The main part, though, and the one which I am freaking obsessed with is the building that deals with the technological advances that have been made in North Korea. On entry, you are treated to an exciting video that shows President Kim Il Sung singing nostalgia for his comrades.

But that is obviously not the main reason I like this place. It shows a number of scale models of various mines, factories, and other bits and bobs in North Korea, that are very cool, but also the only scale model of what an open Ryugyong Hotel would look like. I am so obsessed with the Ryugyong Hotel I have a blog about the place.

Outside and directly next to this building are a collection of vehicles, trains, and trucks produced in North Korea that are absolutely fabulous to climb up on and have fresh photos were taken (I am a North Korea tech geek).

Sadly, but understandably in a country with so many tourist attractions, this is not a mainstay of most of our tours, with us tending to visit here on more specialty trips (such as trade fairs). Still, it is very much available for those of you looking to book an independent tour to North Korea.

And that is our take on the three revolutions exhibition in the DPRK!

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