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Pyongyang Autumn Marathon — the cheapest show in town!

Unfortunately the Pyongyang Marathon (Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon) held in April was cancelled in 2020 due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

Luckily our partners in Pyongyang have confirmed with us that Annual Autumn Maraton will still go on as planned.

The Pyongyang Autumn Marathon, which takes place at the end of September every year, is a fantastic opportunity for those wishing to both flex their legs, take in the sights and sounds of the DPRK’s capital city.

All runners will receive a race timing chip as part of the cost of the tour, and a Pyongyang Marathon certificate will be presented to you upon completion. Whether you choose to run a full marathon (26 miles), a half-marathon (which is inexplicably not 13 miles, but 12), a 6-mile or a 3-mile marathon, you’ll be sure to get the most out of this, the DPRK’s only marathon open to foreigners in 2020.

We are offering a five-day tour for 695 euros and a three-day tour for 445 euros to get you in on all the action!

Pyongyang Autumn Marathon

Autumn Marathon Tour Entry Costs

Cost of Entry
5KM Marathon (5km/3 miles) €40 Euros
10KM Marathon (10km/6 miles) €50 Euros
Half Marathon (20km/12 miles) €65 Euros
Full Marathon (42km/26 miles) €80 Euros

The Mass Games is the world’s largest performance as approved by the Guinness Book of Records with over 100,000 individual performers participating in a synchronized dance or gymnastics act held in May Day stadium, which is also the world’s largest stadium.

The Mass Games performance has been announced again for 2020 and the first performance to be scheduled for the 75th Anniversary of Liberation Day – 15th August 2020 until October 2020. The title of the performance is yet to be announced.

What is the Mass Games? Click here for more information

Ticket costs for Mass Games below:

Ticket Class
Original Price (Per Person)
3rd Class €100 / 800RMB
2nd Class €300 / 2,300RMB
1st Class €500 / 3800RMB
VIP €800 / 6000RMB