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How to get to Dandong

Most people come across the city of Dandong because it’s the last stop in China before entering North Korea. Dandong is actually a very interesting small-sized (for China) city with a great mix of Korean, Manchu and Han cuisine and a lot of things to do.

But it is certainly most famous for being the largest Chinese city on the border with the DPRK, and it is from here that many of our Pioneers will leave China at the start of their tour.

Dandong is great for a visit, of course, from exploring the ‘Broken Bridge’ that was bombed by the US during the Korean War, exploring Tiger Mountain – the easternmost section of the Great Wall of China – and visiting a North Korean supermarket or just tasting everyday life on this border river.

In 2017, we opened the YPT Dandong office with a great view of the Yalu River from the window!

So, how do you get there?

Overnight Train from Beijing

The K27/K28 train from Beijing is the daily overnight service that takes 14 hours and also works as the first half of the Beijing-Pyongyang train. Hard sleepers are comfortable, food is available and it gets you into Dandong bright and early! Catch a glimpse of the train in this video.

High Speed Rail from Beijing

If you don’t like the idea of an overnight trip, the fast train gets you from Beijing South to Dandong in just over 6 hours, with two trips a day to choose from. You can then spend a night in a hotel and be fresh for the train to Pyongyang the next morning!

Other Train Services

There are of course regular trains from other cities in the northeast of China, such as Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun and Harbin. And there is also a high-speed train from Shanghai Hongqiao!

Domestic/International Flight

Dandong Airport is scheduled to re-open on the 30th of January after being closed for the majority of 2018 after undergoing renovations to the terminal and runway. Flights are available from Shanghai and Beijing.

Dandong Airport has no international routes, so if you’re flying in from South Korea, Japan, HK/Taiwan your best bet would be to find a flight to Dalian or Shenyang and jump aboard a fast train to Dandong. There is also a direct bus from Shenyang Airport to Dandong – it takes around three hours.

Ferry from Incheon, South Korea

Another interesting option is to arrive in Dandong on the overnight ferry from South Korea! We don’t recommend the 4th class option of “multiple” people to a room, but six-person and four-person cabins are affordable, and if you book far enough in advance you might be able to get the VIP two-person cabin. YPT can book your ferry from Dandong to Incheon for after a tour, but be aware there are only ferries in this direction on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

YPT can provide support for any train tickets, flights and ferries as required, just ask your sales agent for help

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