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Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang

Kim Il Sung Square is the capital city’s principal square. It is the one that you’ll have been seeing on the news, as Western media often feature it during DPRK coverage.
It is the centre of the city and the area used for military parades, as well as a great viewing spot for any celebratory fireworks going on for the multiple celebrations during the year.  

Birdseye view of Kim Il Sung Square

Kim Il Sung Square

Named after the founding leader and eternal President Kim Il Sung, it was completed in August 1954 as the country began to build itself after being largely devastated by the war.

It covers an area of 75,000 square meters, and can hold 100,000 people. It is paved with granite pieces. Upon these granite pieces, you’ll see the secret to how everyone keeps so orderly during those military parades with thousands of people. As well as many hours of intense practice, the small white spots upon each stone help a soldier not to go out of line!

From the middle of the square, you have great views to both the front and back. Looking out to the river you have a great view of the Juche Tower standing tall on the other side of the Taedonggang river. To the other side, you have the impressive Grand People’s Study House building forming the backdrop to the square.

Kim Il Sung square is a common place for many gatherings. As well as for military parades, it is also used for dances and rallies. It truly is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Pyongyang. And, together with its impressive surroundings, it won’t disappoint.

Located just a short walk away is the Foreign Language Book Store, where you can find many DPRK publications translated into multiple languages. To the left and right side of the square, you will find the Korean National Art Gallery, as well as the Korean Central History Museum.



Korean National Art Gallery –

  • Total floor space of 11,000 square meters.
  • 22 showrooms, exhibition hall, and rooms for preserving artwork.
  • Opened September 1954.
  • Houses collections ranging from murals of mausoleums to prints, sculptures and handicrafts.

Korean Central History Museum –

  • Total floor space of over 10,000 square meters.
  • Opened December 1945.
  • 19 rooms in which hold collections of more than 100,000 relics and materials from the primitive society to the modern age.

Here you can also stop off for a well-deserved coffee break at the Ryongwang Coffee Shop. This is an Austrian joint venture coffee shop at Kim Il Sung Square.

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