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Pyongyang Marathon FAQ

What is the Pyongyang Marathon and Autumn Marathon?

The Pyongyang Marathon is formally known in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK or North Korea) as the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon. It is held every year on the Sunday before the President Kim Il Sung’s birthday (April 15th). This year’s event will be AIMS certified (the Association of International Marathon and Distance Races)

The race was first opened to amateur runners and tourists in 2014 and will welcome any participants for future tours. There are four different distances available to runners: the 5 km marathon, mini-marathon (10 km), half marathon (20 km) and full marathon (42 km).

The Autumn Marathon is held annually towards the end of September and all foreign tourists are welcomed to compete or spectate from the event. This Marathon is newer than the April Marathon first being held in 2017.

The maximum time limit for the full marathon is 4 hours and a half hours, half marathon is 2 and a half hours and the 10KM and 5KM marathon is 2 hours. All running participants will receive a Pyongyang marathon certificate and those who place will receive medals and unique Korean awards.

What should I wear?

Asides from comfortable running clothing, entrants are also required to bring a tracksuit (jacket and trousers)  for attendance at the opening and closing ceremonies. The size and number of any logos on clothing is regulated according to AIMS regulations, however, the Pyongyang Marathon is notable for an extra rule – no American or Japanese flags are allowed on any items of clothing.

How much does it cost?

The entry fees for the marathon and time allowances are as follows, those may be subject to change by the ministry of sport or the Pyongyang Marathon Committee.

Both the Annual Autumn Marathon and April Marathon have different entry costs.

Autumn Marathon Tour Entry Costs

RaceCost of Entry
5KM Marathon (5km/3 miles)€40 Euros
10KM Marathon (10km/6 miles)€50 Euros
Half Marathon (20km/12 miles)€65 Euros
Full Marathon (42km/26 miles)€80 Euros

April Marathon Entry Costs

RaceCost of Entry
5KM Marathon (5km/3 miles)€65 Euros
10KM Marathon (10km/6 miles)€65 Euros
Half Marathon (20km/12 miles)€90 Euros
Full Marathon (42km/26 miles)€135 Euros

A race timing chip is included in the price above.

The Pyongyang Marathon committee also welcomes differently-abled runners. If you are interested in running please let us know more about your details so we can confirm everything ahead of the event.

Registry for all marathon runners is on a first come first served basis and limited to 1500 runners in total.

To secure your spot on a Pyongyang Marathon Tour please contact us here.