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Hotels of the DPRK: Sosan Hotel

In this edition of “Hotels of the DPRK” we’ll look at the Sosan Hotel. A YPT favourite, the Sosan Hotel is a main stay on many of our tours due to its affordability and recent renovations in 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea.


The front of the Sosan Hotel

Located in the Sports Village of Pyongyang, nearby the Ryanggang Hotel and the Chongnyon (Youth) Hotel, the Sosan Hotel was built in 1989 for the Youth Games. With 30 floors and 510 rooms, the Sosan Hotel is located roughly four kilometres from Pyongyang Railway Station and is operated by Golden Cup, the sports tourism administration of North Korea.


The facilities of the Sosan Hotel

The Sosan Hotel famously boasts Pyongyang’s only golf course (available for tour extension here) next door to the hotel grounds. There is a beer garden out the front of the hotel, which is an excellent place for el fresco Korean BBQ during the summer months.

The inside of the hotel features multiple bars, restaurants and shops including a downstairs teashop and billiards bar. The third floor features an open plan bar complete with bright red grand piano and billiards tables overlooking the lobby.

There are multiple restaurants that predominantly cater to Korean and Chinese menus, with breakfast a buffet style of bain-maries with a selection of foods.

The lobby features one of the best and most affordable selections of North Korean sports merchandise, including the DPRK national sports team tracksuits and soccer jerseys.

The Sosan Hotel’s karaoke list is one of the most recent and modern lists out of most Pyongyang hotel’s including everything from the Spice Girls to Rage Against the Machine.

The rooms

A typical room of the Sosan Hotel

The rooms are relatively modern with particularly good bathrooms and showers. All are equipped with telephones for international phone calls, a TV, kettle and slippers. Most rooms have a view over the sporting district of Pyongyang or the golf course.

Why stay at the Sosan Hotel?

As one of the best-priced hotels in Pyongyang, the Sosan Hotel’s facilities and location are excellent for summer tours. During winter time the showers have reliable hot water and there are multiple locations for post-tour down time, whether it’s the intimate and cosy downstairs tea shop or kitsch balcony bar complete with grand piano. Check out our upcoming North Korea group tours here or email us about an independent tour.

  • A YPT favourite, the open space bar
  • The lounge of the Sosan Hotel
  • A barbecue at the Sosan Hotel
  • Beer Garden of the Sosan Hotel
  • Corridors of the Sosan Hotel
  • The front of the Sosan Hotel