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Dandong Tour – Chinese Border Town Day Tour

Dandong offers many interesting glimpses on the influence North Korea has on a Chinese city. You’ll start your morning by heading north of the city and walking to the very end of the Great Wall of China with spectacular views of North Korea below as well as encountering the narrowest point between China and North Korea.

You’ll then have a guided tour of the recently renovated Memorial of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. The museum complex was designed and built using Chinese traditional style and covers a total area of 182,000 square meters. It consists of the exhibition hall, a 720° panoramic painting viewing hall and the Memorial Tower. The Outdoor Weapons Exhibition Park includes a Chinese locomotive, Soviet tanks, Soviet aircraft, and anti-aircraft vehicles used and captured by the Chinese during the Korean War.

Time to jump aboard a boat and cruise down the Yalu River giving you the chance of a closer look at North Korea with scenic views of Dandong.  You’ll finish the tour by walking along the Broken Bridge lined with Chinese propaganda.

Explore the Chinese border town city of Dandong with us as a stand alone tour or as you’re making your way in or out of North Korea on any of our tours.

Day option: 1 person – €95, 2+ people – €75 per person Inclusive of ticket entrances, transport, YPT guide and lunch
Overnight option: 1 person – €145 per person, 2+ people – €120 per person Inclusive of accommodation, ticket entrances, transport, YPT guide, breakfast, lunch and dinner. During Chinese national holidays an extra fee can occur as hotel prices rise. The cost can be confirmed during your booking.



  • Our YPT guide and driver will meet you in the lobby of your hotel
  • Visit the most eastern part of the Great Wall of China at Tiger Mountain – This is famous for the ‘one meter hop’ as it is the narrowest point between China and North Korea.
  • Head back into Dandong city and visit the Memorial of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea – with over 150 military hardware displayed such as Soviet tanks, jets, bombers and a Chinese steam locomotive. The memorial hall holds over 20.000 relics left over from the Korean War and gives a comprehensive view of the events that unfolded during the Korean War.


  • Lunch at local Dandong restaurant to experience true Northeast Chinese (Dongbei) food – whole hearty dishes of meat, vegetables and tofu.
  • Jump aboard a boat and travel down the Yalu River, the river that separates China and the DPRK. This will give you incredible photo opportunities to take of North Korea, Sinuiju Port, the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge and Broken Bridge that was built by the Japanese and destroyed by the Americans during the Korean War.
  • After disembarking the boat, now is your chance to walk along the destroyed Friendship Bridge and see Chinese propaganda lead towards North Korea.
  • Tour concludes with a walking tour along the Yalu River