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Dandong Tour (China)

We are excited to announce that we are able to offer tourists travelling out of the DPRK by train, a tour to explore the Chinese city of Dandong. The tour is a standard extension that will give you the insight of the Korean war by the Chinese side, visit the famous ‘One hop leap’ which is apart of the Great Wall of China, try some famous local delicacies, overlook the new DPRK economic zone island and float your way down the Yalu River that separates China and North Korea.

The tour finishes the next day and you’ll be able to continue your way back to Beijing by overnight train. All this within 24 hours and staying a night in a very comfortable local hotel along the river front which is popular with visiting businessmen from the DPRK.

Dandong is the border post of China and the DPRK and offers many interesting glimpses into the inner workings of the Sino-DPRK Friendship as well as being a complete must for serious DPRK watchers and enthusiasts!

Like all our tour extensions, this is led by a local expert English speaking guide.

€195 per person – 1 night – 2 days (Inclusive of all tours, transport, guides and meals)


Day 1 – Extension Only (Coming back from North Korea, Pyongyang)

  • 5:30pm arrive at Dandong railway station and meet local Chinese guide at the train station exit.
  • Guide will take you to Dandong Railway Hotel to check in (also known as Dandong Dantie Hotel).
  • Drinks and dinner at a local Dandong restaurant on Moon Island – a pleasure island that overlooks the cost of Sinuiju (the DPRK city across the Yalu River to Dandong).
  • Overnight at Dandong Railway Hotel.

Day 2 – Day trip begins


  • Meet your Chinese local guide in the lobby of Dandong Railway Hotel at 8:00am.
  • Visit the most eastern part of the Great Wall at Tiger Mountain – This is famous for the ‘one meter hop’ as it is the narrowest point between China and the DPRK.
  • On the drive back from the Great Wall, we stop opposite the DPRK’s new Special Economic Zone Island that is being done in partnership with China. Your guide will give you a detailed explanation and give you a chance to take some pictures.


  • Lunch at an authentic Pyongyang restaurant – All the staff at the restaurant are DPRKorean and they provide good ol’ Korean hospitality with songs and dancing but it’s something quite different to what you saw in the DPRK.
  • Check out the Museum of War to Resist America and Aid Korea – The museum is great for learning about the Korean War from the Chinese side! The museum has English captions everywhere.
  • Jump aboard a boat and travel down the Yalu River, the river that separates China and the DPRK. This will give you fantastic photo opportunities to take of North Korea and the destroyed original Friendship Bridge that was built by the Japanese and then destroyed by the Americans during the Korean War.
  • After disembarking the boat, now is your chance to walk along the destroyed Friendship Bridge and see the Chinese propaganda.
  • Stroll around the river front before heading back to the Dandong Railway Station to board the the overnight sleeper train from Dandong at 6:30pm to arrive in Beijing at 8:30am the following day.
  • End of tour.