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Wonsan City Beach Extension

We are now offering the chance to extend your group tour in North Korea with our Wonsan City Beach extension on the east coast of the Korean peninsula. Whilst you’re visiting North Korea why not take this time to soak up the sun and enjoy the beach amongst the North Korean locals!

Wonsan is most famous for having the best beach and seafood in the DPRK. The beach itself stretches for over a few kilometers and is located right next to Tongmyong Hotel where we’ve organized your accommodation. Off the coast is a small island called Chok Islet which the locals have built a long pier that connects the mainland to the island. Here it’s possible to stroll along to watch the locals fish and to even try the fresh catch of the day.

Footballs, volleyballs, badminton, rowing boats and swimming costumes are available for hire. A BBQ can also be organized for extra on the beach.

Tour cost  – 1 person €478, 2-5 persons €390 per person


Day 1


  • Breakfast in Pyongyang and drive to Wonsan city (4 hours) stopping at Sinpyong Lagoon along the way for a quick rest and refreshments


  • Picnic lunch at Ulim Waterfall – one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in the DPRK
  • Arrive in Wonsan, check into Tongmyong hotel overlooking Wonsan Bay
  • Visit Wonsan Beach for a swim, sunbathe, or to play beach games with the locals (the entry for the beach is 2 euros per person) – it is possible to organize a BBQ please ask your local guides for more information
  • Walk along the pier to Chok Islet where the locals will be fishing, drinking and enjoying their own BBQs with friends and family. Here you have the option of trying the fresh catch of the day for 5 euros, this will give you a good mix of everything
  • Dinner at a nearby famous seafood restaurant along the waterfront
  • Overnight at Tongmyong Hotel

Day 2


  • Take a walk around Wonsan Central Square and the nearby port to see DPRK’s very own cruise ship named the Mangyongbong-92
  • Visit the former Railway Station which has now been converted into a Revolutionary site with an old Japanese stream engine left over by the Japanese during the Korean occupation
  • Visit SongdowonInternational Children’s Union Camp – This recently renovated summer camp was designed for children in both the DPRK and for international guests. Its facilities include a waterpark, dormitories, aquatic centre, aviary, track & field and a beach


  • Lunch at a local restaurant to sample famous local dishes
  • Drive back to Pyongyang (4 hours)
  • Stop by the Tomb of King Tongmyong – the founder of the ancient Koguryeo Kingdom
  • Dinner at a local Pyongyang restaurant
  • Overnight in Sosan Hotel

Day 3


  • Option 1 (included): Depart at 10:25am on the overnight train to Beijing and enjoy the peaceful countryside of both the DPRK and China. The train will first arrive at Dandong Railway Station at 4:30pm, and then Beijing Railway Station the following day at 8:30am.
  • Option 2: €350 – €370 extra per person – flight from Pyongyang Airport to Beijing Capital Airport. Please check flight schedule with us to confirm times.

Please note: if you’re doing this extension from an Ultra Budget tour the overnight train from Dandong to Beijing is not included in the tour cost.