Young Pioneer Tours

Day trip to North Korea

Seeing North Korea from across the Yalu River in Dandong is one thing, experiencing Sinuiju city is another. Our day tour to North Korea is the perfect trip for those who are interested in entering the DPRK for the day and having a close encounter of what Siniuju – a unique border town has to offer.

The tour begins in the morning where you start your adventure by crossing the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge and head straight to Siniuju Central Square for a photo opportunity of where the two large bronze statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il stand. You’ll then have the chance to partake in activities at Sinuiju’s folklore park where locals gather for games and street food, visit North Korea’s Revolutionary Museum, stop by Sinuiju Art Gallery and meet local artists, and visit a local kindergarten where the children prepare a Korean performance.

Tours can be booked up to a week in advance. All local guides (both Chinese and Korean) are fluent in English and hold a wealth of knowledge and experience. Contact us for more information.

Tour cost – 1900 Chinese RMB per person

Independent tour – 1 person 2990RMB, 2-5 persons 2490RMB per person


  • Meet your Chinese local guide in the lobby of Dandong Railway Hotel at 8:00am.
  • Cross through Chinese customs at Dandong and board a bus to cross the Friendship Bridge into Sinuiju, North Korea and go through North Korean customs.
  • Your two local Korean guides will meet you as you exit Korean customs and begin your tour.
  • Explore the large central square of Sinuiju and see the statue of President Kim Il Sung.
  • Visit the North Phyongan Province Revolutionary History Museum – This will go into detail about the history of the local province.
  • Mosaic images of the “Three Tigers of Mt. Paektu” Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk.
  • Go to the local Folklore Park where you can engage in traditional Korean activities and some more modern activities too (extra charges apply for partaking in the local games, these will vary from game to game) or you can simply walk around and enjoy the scenery and watch the locals.


  • Lunch at the Myohyangsan Travel Company Restaurant which also features a great souvenir shop.
  • Provincial History Museum – This museum focuses mostly on ancient of Korea and also contains revolutionary history.
  • Sinuiju Kindergarten and performance – Famous for training the Children who perform in the skipping scene of the Arirang Mass Games as well as its long history of training artistic performers. The performance here is the best of any Kindergarten in the country.
  • Board the 6:00pm bus and go through Korean customs to finish tour in Dandong, China. If you would like to take the overnight sleeper train back to Beijing please let us know.
  • End of tour.