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Best Iran Tours for 2024 and 2025

YPT tours to Iran

YPT have been operating inexpensive and thorough Iran tours consistently since 2010. It is a unique country, with a large mix of different religious groups, ethnicities, languages and both ancient and recent history ready to be explored. Iran is much more than its politics – it offers impeccable hospitality, unbelievable art and architecture, and incredibly diverse nature.

Group tours to Iran

YPT offers several tours to Iran throughout the year. Often, our tours link up with other destinations in the Middle East and Central Asia, such as Saudi Arabia or Iraq, for a deeper exploration of the region. You can browse our scheduled tours here.

While most nationalities have a simple visa process, it is important for British, Canadian and United States nationals to book in advance. If our Iran tours do not fit your time frame, you may browse some of our Iran independent tour packages, and let us plan your next adventure.

Our classic and original tour that not only takes in all the main sites, but has a real revolutionary zeal to it.

The Hidden Iran Tour – October 30th-November 6th 2024 – $1295

Iran Revolutionary Tour –  March 1st-8th, 2025 – $1295

Independent tours to Iran

If the dates do not align with your availability, YPT can organize a private tour suitable for your dates of travel, period of time and budget. You can choose from any of our bespoke tours or inquire about specific tours: whether you want to explore the politically active capital of Tehran, visit sites of religious pilgrimages, or explore the mountainous areas of Iran!

Whilst Iran is a huge, fascinating, and warm country that one could easily spend months exploring without seeing everything there are certain sites that quite simply should not be missed. We have put together two independent tour packages (8 and 11 nights) that we feel fully encapsulate all the must-see things in the country. Both of them offer a lot of flexibility and can be edited and changed to suit your exact needs.

These two tours are just examples and we can arrange bespoke Iran tours based around your needs, inclusive of skiing in Iran, as well as Iranian Kurdistan, to name but two. We do not publish out Iran Independent tour prices for a number of reasons, but mainly because no independent trip to Iran is the same, and we tailor make everything to fit your budget needs and requirements. Young Pioneer Tours do offer the best budget tours to Iran, as well as the best planned deluxe packages depending on your needs. For a quote simply get in touch with us!

Bespoke tours to Iran

Can’t see what you want on our sample itineraries to Iran? Not a problem. If you wish to visit a city in Iran not mentioned, have a specific interest such as Iranian architecture, religion, or even want to go and watch a football match when you’re in Iran, simply drop us an e-mail. We can also arrange exclusive skiing tour packages throughout the winter months. Contact us and we will arrange a tailor-made independent Iranian itinerary for you, and arrange a quote.

Some examples bespoke Iran Tours that we can offer are as follows:

Tehran City Tour

Visit one of the most politically active capitals which has been a hotspot for protests and revolutions over the course of Iran’s history. Tehran was the heart of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 with many monuments and areas in the city bearing the scars and serving as reminders of Iran’s complicated past. Spend your time exploring the capital of Iran, a country declared to be on the ‘axis of evil’.

Iran Snow Sport Tour

When thinking about having a snow vacation, Iran may not necessarily be the first destination in mind. However, each year Northern Iran is covered in snow, perfect for skiing, snowboarding and adventure sports! A private tour can assist you with reaching the slopes, organizing lessons and accommodation, as well as providing you with historical and cultural information and interpretation services.

Newroz Tour

Newroz is the Persian New Year celebrated by Persians, Kurds and many other ethnic groups. Newroz celebrates the Spring Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere and symbolizes new beginnings. Newroz is a great time to visit Iran as there are many traditions people follow around this holiday – cleaning and cooking, gifting, partying, dancing and fire and water rituals!

Zoroastrianism Pilgrimage Tour

Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest organized faiths, beginning in Iran in the 2nd Millennium BC. While the number of Zoroastrians remaining is few, there are yearly pilgrimages towards sites in the Yazd province: Ardakan, Aghdâ, Mehriz, and Yazd. Rub shoulders with pilgrims from all over the world and take a deep dive into the Zoroastrianism faith from its birthplace!

Iran-Iraq Combo Tour

Once bitter enemies, Iran and Iraq have formed a stable alliance in the past decades – partially due to religious identities and the large number of pilgrims from Iran traveling to Karbala and Najaf every year to the Shrine of Husayn ibn Ali and the Imam Ali Shrine. Combining these two countries into one tour will ensure you have a deeper understanding of the region – its history, politics, art, food and society!

Educational Tours to Iran – YPT can arrange school, or university trips to Iran. Please contact us directly for ore information on this.

Language exchanges in Iran – YPT can arrange tours and travel for people wishing to come to Iran to learn Farsi, or any of the other indigenous languages of the country.

Aviation Tours of Iran – When it comes to planes Iran has one of the rarest fleets in the world. YPT can help arrange Iranian aviation tours.

Frequently asked questions about travel to Iran

The following countries can enter Iran visa free: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe.

Other nationalities can pay to collect their VOA at Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran. YPT will need the following:

1. A scan of your passport (photo page)
2. A color visa photo of you with a white background. Female travelers must cover their shoulders and chest in the photo. However, you do not need to cover your hair with a scarf. Although, we have found that doing so often results in faster visa approvals.
3. A completed visa form (will be sent to you via email).

Once we have all the above documents, we will return to you with your unique Iranian visa code to be used at immigration in Iran.

To read more about Iranian Visas please click here.
You need to email a copy of your CV; an example CV will be emailed to you to fill out. We also require your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). If your account is private, you will need to switch to public until your visa is finalized.

Once your visa code is ready, Canadians and US nationals will need to send their passport to the Pakistani Embassy’s Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington DC along with a money order to have your visa processed and your passport returned to you. A detailed email with instructions will be sent to you to step you through this process once your visa is ready.

Once the visa code is ready for UK nationals, you can either post your passport or visit the Iranian embassy in London to pay and collect your visa. A detailed email with instructions will be sent to you to step you through this process once your visa is ready.

It’s very important to state the “arrival date” and “departure date” accurately, as your Iran visa will be only issued based on your travel date. The visa code will grant you a visa that is valid for the duration of the tour. If you plan to arrive some days before the tour or leave some days after the tour, this can be arranged, but please tell us during your booking of the tour. We ask that Canadians, UK, and US nationals do not travel or leave their home country within 30 days of the Iran tour commencing to ensure you are able to submit and receive your passport back in time from the embassy.

Finally – For US, British and Canadians, your visa isn’t 100% guaranteed although we do have a very high success rate (95%). The Iranian MFA’s background check is quite thorough and includes your social media posts. Any posts related to travel to Israel should be removed from your social media accounts. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you do not book flight tickets or make any other non-refundable arrangement before you get your visa finalized. If your visa is rejected, YPT will refund you the tour cost according to our terms and conditions.
The best time to visit Iran is in the shoulder seasons so you avoid the hot and dry summers and the freezing winters. We recommend October – November and March – April.
Whether it is ethical to visit Iran is very much down your thoughts. We though personally feel that engaging a country and seeing it yourself is very much a good thing. With Iran Tours seeing truly is believing.
In our humble opinion it is very safe to visit Iran, particularly compared to other countries within the region. With that being said we are not the government, so always check places like the UK FCDO for travel advice.
Iran Uses the Iranian Rial (IRR) as its currency. As inflation is so rampant, it also uses an alternative system known as the Iranian Toman. The Toman is essentially the rial minus one zero, and it is implemented only so that prices don’t have to be written in the multi-millions. 1 million Toman is essentially 100 million Rials, but all of the notes are written in rials.

It is recommended you only change a maximum of $50 at the airport. Once you meet your local guides, they will assist you in finding the best rate near your hotel.

Rates may change depending on the political situation and the time of your tour, but the website updates the best exchange rates each day.
Iranian banks are subject to international sanctions. So, although Iran is full of banks and ATM machines, you won’t be able to get money out at any of them with your international bank card. You must come prepared with cash as there are no Western Union or card facilities in Iran. USD is much preferred and much easier to exchange, followed by EUR and GBP.
Women are required to cover their heads in public areas for the entire duration in Iran. Once stepping off your flight into Iran please cover your head before disembarking. This is not a suggestion, but law within Iran.

Women must dress modestly, which means their arms and legs must be always covered. Make sure the fabric of your clothes is not seen through and not super tight. To further clarify: sleeveless shirts, short dresses, loose tops, short bottoms, crop tops and miniskirts, bikinis are strictly not allowed. Jackets, long sleeve shirts, jeans or long skirts are recommended. However, you can wear the shoes of your choice – trainers, sandals, heels, or open toed footwear.

Men are required to wear trousers or jeans throughout the tour. Shirts can be worn, but sleeveless shirts are strictly prohibited. Those who choose not to abide by these laws may be detained by police. It is important to follow the advice of your YPT and local guide at all times.
You should ensure routine vaccines are up to date before travel and consult with your doctor. No vaccines are required for entry to Iran.
Sim cards are available with nationwide 3G/4G for about $20 but the government can block tourists from accessing sim cards if any political movements are taking place in the country.

The best opportunity to get a sim card is at the airport. You may find an Iran Cell booth right after the luggage carousel exit. Iran Cell has the best coverage in the country and sells 10GB data for about $5. Your passport is necessary for the registration of the SIM card, which will be valid for a month.

Please note that the Iranian government has banned the use of social media sites and platforms, and the government blocks connections made by VPNs whether you are connected to Wifi or using an Iranian sim.
Quite simply YPT are the leading Iran Travel Agency and have been running tours to the country for 12+ years and are experts within the field. Our Iran partners are not just limited to one group and we deal with local partners that have different areas of expertise. We have the best guides and can do activities in Iran that other Iranian travel agents simply cannot. YPT are your adventure travel company.
As of November 2023, the current conflict between Palestine and Israel is one in which the world is of course watching and one which may escalate into a conflict affecting the wider region. Yet while this is very much a possibility, it certainly does not mean it will happen.

We personally feel that tours to Iran will likely continue, but with potentially a higher security presence and some restrictions on Iranian travel. This though is not dissimilar to how things have been in the past. It is though a situation that we are constantly monitoring.