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Best Iran Tours for 2024 and 2025

Since 2010 Young Pioneer Tours have been offering the best value and most interesting Iran tours and travel and tourism packages to what is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Check out our 2024 and 2025 Iran group tour packages, and if they do not fit your time frame then you may browse some of our Iran independent tour packages, and let us plan your next Iranian travel adventure.

Iran Revolutionary Tour –  March 1st – 8th 2024

Our classic and original tour that not only takes in all the main sites, but has a real revolutionary zeal to it. We are currently planning to add a number of Iran Group tours for 2024, watch this space!

The Hidden Iran Tour – October 30th – November 6th 2024

Our next scheduled tour has us doing all the must-see sites, but also getting off of the beaten track and seeing some of the more intense parts of the country.

Sample Independent Iran Tour Itineraries

Whilst Iran is a huge, fascinating, and warm country that one could easily spend months exploring without seeing everything there are certain sites that quite simply should not be missed. We have put together two independent tour packages, at 8 and 11 nights that we feel fully encapsulate all the must-see things in the country. Both of them offer a lot of flexibility and can be edited and changed to suit your exact needs.

These two tours are just examples and we can arrange bespoke Iran tours based around your needs, inclusive of skiing in Iran, as well as Iranian Kurdistan, to name but two. 

Iran Independent Tour Prices 2024 & 2025

We do not publish out Iran Independent tour prices for a number of reasons, but mainly because no independent trip to Iran is the same, and we tailor make everything to fit your budget needs and requirements.

Young Pioneer Tours do though offer the best budget tours to Iran, as well as the best planned deluxe packages depending on your needs. For a quote simply get in touch with us!

Tailor made packages and bespoke Iran Tours

Can’t see what you want on our sample itineraries to Iran? Not a problem. If you wish to visit a city in Iran not mentioned, have a specific interest such as Iranian architecture, religion, or even want to go and watch a football match when you’re in Iran, simply drop us an e-mail. We can also arrange exclusive skiing tour packages throughout the winter months. Contact us and we will arrange a tailor-made independent Iranian itinerary for you, and arrange a quote.

Some example bespoke Iran Tours that we can offer are as follows;

Educational Tours to Iran – YPT can arrange school, or university trips to Iran. Please contact us directly for ore information on this.

Language exchanges in Iran – YPT can arrange tours and travel for people wishing to come to Iran to learn Farsi, or any of the other indigenous languages of the country.

Aviation Tours of Iran – When it comes to planes Iran has one of the most rare fleets in the world. YPT can help arrange Iranian aviation tours.

FAQ On Iran Travel

Getting a Visa to Iran

We offer Iran visa support for people of all nationalities (except for Israel). Americans, Canadians and British passport holders must confirm their trip to Iran a few months in advance in order to get the visa invitation code. For other nationalities visiting Iran this is usually possible within a month. On receipt of the visa codes, you can either collect the visa on arrival or go to the nearest Iranian embassy. To read more about Iranian Visas please click here.

Why should you visit Iran?

Check out YPT’s Iran blog here. We cite the People, culture, history, beauty and generally breaking the stereotype as the main draws to visiting the country. Iran is an ever changing and opening place, this will only be fast-tracked now that the west has signed a recent nuclear treaty, so get to Iran fast before it opens to the masses!

Is it ethical to visit Iran?

Whether it is ethical to visit Iran is very much down your thoughts. We though personally feel that engaging a country and seeing it yourself is very much a good thing. With Iran Tours seeing truly is believing.

Is it safe to visit Iran?

In our humble opinion it is very safe to visit Iran, particularly compared to other countries within the region. With that being said we are not the government, so always check places like the UK FCDO for travel advice.

Why should I pick YPT as my Iran Travel Agency?

Quite simply YPT are the leading Iran Travel Agency and have been running tours to the country for 12+ years and are experts within the field. Our Iran partners are not just limited to one group and we deal with local partners that have different areas of expertise. We have the best guides and can do things in Iran that other Iranian travel agents simply cannot. YPT are your adventure travel company.

Is it currently safe to travel to Iran during the Palestine-Israeli conflict?

As of November 2023, the current conflict between Palestine and Israel is one in which the world is of course watching and one which may escalate into a conflict affecting the wider region. Yet while this is very much a possibility, it certainly does not mean it will happen.

We personally feel that tours to Iran will likely continue, but with potentially a higher security presence and some restrictions on Iranian travel. This though is not dissimilar to how things have been in the past. It is though a situation that we are constantly monitoring.

I have many more questions about Iran Tours?

Reach out to us to speak to an expert on Iran tours.