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Can you visit North Korea from South Korea?

To simply put it, no. You cannot visit North Korea from South Korea or visit South Korea from North Korea. It is impossible to cross the demarcation line that separates both countries as a tourist.

Previously it was possible to cross from South Korea to visit Mt. Kumgang tourist zone in North Korea, but this was halted in 2008.

How to enter North Korea?

It is possible to enter North Korea from either China or Russia. We can arrange for you to enter North Korea from Beijing or in Dandong – the Chinese border town to North Korea, or from Vladivostok in Russia.

Entering North Korea from Beijing can be done by an overnight sleeper train or by a two and a half hour flight with Air Koryo or Air China. Entering North Korea from Dandong can be done so by a day train, which links up with the overnight train from Beijing.

Travelling from Vladivostok in Russia to Pyongyang is possible by a two-hour flight with Air Koryo, but can also be reached by train from Moscow, which is one of the most unique train journeys of the world.

How do I get a visa for North Korea?

We can prepare your DPRK tourist visa card for €50. We do not need your physical passport. Your North Korean visa is handed to you when you meet our staff in China or Russia to collect your train or flight tickets.

Do I need a visa for China?

If you want to travel by train to and from North Korea, you will be required to have at least a double-entry Chinese tourist visa. However, if you want to avoid visa fees, you may opt for flight in and out, which will grant you access to the Chinese 144 hour transit visa, which you may read more about it here.

Do I need a visa for Russia?

Yes, and there’s no way around it. However, we can also help prepare your Russian support document to obtain your visa.

Can I visit North Korea alone?

We can arrange a private tour for you that best suits your travel dates, budget and interests. Have your friends, or family tag along to help bring down costs. More information on our independent tours can be viewed here.

You may also join us on our scheduled group tours to North Korea. Our cheapest tours start from €475 for two nights, three days in Pyongyang.

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