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Can Anyone Travel to North Korea?

Can anyone travel to North Korea? Generally speaking, yes, but as is standard with North Korea, there are a few caveats.

Can South Koreans travel to North Korea?

Generally speaking, the answer to this is no, but again with several nuances. Technically at least North Korea does allow South Koreans to visit, and it is the government of the south that proscribe this, with there being a few high profile examples of people being arrested on returning to the ROK from the DPRK.

Usually, South Koreans who visit North Korea would be part of a high-level delegation, such as that of President Moon who visited in September 2018 and even saw the Mass Games.

What about family reunifications?

The DPRK and ROK periodically arrange family reunions usually held in the Mount Kumgang Tourist Zone.

Do any South Koreans work in North Korea?

Kaesong Joint-Industrial Complex is essentially a JV between North Korea and South Korea, which uses South Korean management, and North Korean labour. These citizens of the Republic of Korea thus live and work in North Korea?

Can you visit North Korea from South Korea?

Previously you could visit Kaesong and Kumgang via the Kumgang special tourist zone run by Hyundai, alas, after the shooting of a South Korean tourist under dubious circumstances, this is no longer possible. There are some hopes that Wonsan Ski Resort might eventually open to South Korean citizens. For more details on how you can visit North Korea from South Korea please click here.

Can Americans visit North Korea?

Want to be An American in North Korea? Sadly you cannot anymore. While the government of North Korea very much allows American tourists, the US has put a travel ban on American passports being used to enter North Korea. Technically they have been invalidated for this use. This is not the same as the Cuban travel ban that many Americans simply ignored. If you are a dual citizen, then it slightly changes things, although our policy at least is to not take Americans into North Korea.

Are Journalists banned from North Korea?

Again and contrary to popular belief, you can film in North Korea, and journalists that are upfront about their trip can obtain special visas. Journalist cannot sneak into the country to do “expose” type stuff. We can arrange journalist trips to North Korea, but again the process is far from simple!

Can Japanese people visit North Korea?

Yes, but usually as part of a Japanese group run by an affiliate of Chongyron although we have taken, and can take Japanese people to North Korea.

Can you travel to North Korea?

Can you travel to North Korea? Well, as you will have seen, and the main reason for this blog is to show that the vast majority of the planet can indeed travel to North Korea! So unless you fit into any of the above categories, you can go to North Korea.

Can we travel to North Korea?

If there is more than one of you looking to go to North Korea, we can usually arrange a discount or an independent group. We also feel that you should travel with YPT to North Korea, the cheapest, and in our humble opinion, the best company leading tourists into the DPRK.

As always, though, if you have any confusion or would like clarification, please feel free to get in touch with us and let one of our experts answer your questions about visiting the DPRK.

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