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Tour Extensions

Below are our list of tour extensions that can be added before or after your tour to North Korea to give you more of an insight into China and the DPRK.

Overnight in Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

We have recently opened up a new and exciting extension to stay overnight in the North Korea border town city of Sinuiju! This extension can only be used coming from Pyongyang on the train back into China. So after completing your DPRK tour in Pyongyang, why not explore more of the North Korean life outside of Pyongyang!

For more information click this link: Overnight in Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

Day trip to Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

Our day trip into North Korea is perfect for those tight on time and budget. The DPRK border town of Sinuiju is perfect for a 1 day action-packed tour, featuring the local folk custom park, museums, lunch with Korean performance and an incredible kindergarten performance by some of the Arirang Mass Games’ best young gymnasts!

For more information click this link: Day trip to Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

Dandong Tour (China)

The Chinese border town, Dandong, is a great city to pre-empt your Sinuiju or DPRK extension. Here you’ll visit the famous broken Friendship Bridge, a DPRKorean restaurant (with performance), the fantastically-named ‘War to Resist US Aggression and Aid North Korea’ Museum, and watch daily life of villagers over the Yalu River from the Great Wall itself.

For more information click this link: Dandong Tour (China)

Dandong and Sinuiju Tour

In China and you want to visit North Korea for a day on budget? Or just coming back from a North Korea trip and want to explore one last North Korean city before heading home? Our Sinuiju day trip gives you the perfect opportunity to get a deeper look …

For more information click this link: Dandong and Sinuiju Tour

Chinese Ghost City Tour (China)

If you’ve ever spent any time in a Chinese city you’ll be well used to the throng, walking the night markets where it seems like every conceivable snack is on offer or pushing your way through people trying to sell you things outside train stations. Kangbashi is different, and it is almost a welcome novelty having almost a whole city square, a hospital, train station or apartment complex to ourselves. Come explore the abandoned modern city of China.

For more information click this link: Chinese Ghost City Tour (China)

Beijing Great Wall Tour (China)

So you’re coming to Beijing and have a day to spare, why not make the most of your time and head out of the capital to explore the Great Wall of China! We can organise your very own local English speaking guide and private transportation as you prepare for a must see highlight of China.

For more information click this link: Beijing Great Wall Tour (China)

Xi’an Tour (China)

The capital city of the Qin and Tang dynasties, home to the Terracotta Warriors and starting point for the historic Silk Road, Xi’an is one of the must-see cities of China. Our YPT local guide takes you around the main sights of the city, spending a half-day out at the Terracotta Warriors and Banpo Archaeological Site. We’ll take in the sights and tastes of the Muslim Quarter, exploring the markets and alleyways and visiting the Great Mosque, before we take in a fountain show at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the evening.Watch YPT’s Estela, Matt and Victoria on their eating tour of Xi’an Muslim Quarter here

For more information click this link: Xi’an Tour (China)

Beijing City Tour (China)

We offer an action-packed 4 night tour of the world’s largest capital, Beijing, taking in all the must see tourist sites as well as some epic exploration of the city’s dusty hutongs (narrow-alley neighbourhoods) and a trip to an ex-military factory art district.

For more information click this link: Beijing City Tour (China)