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Mainland Yemen Tours suspended

28th October 2023 As part of our security protocol Young Pioneer Tours employs the services of 3rd party security consultants for advice on our destinations. With this in mind and following advice we have decided to temporarily suspend our tours to Mainland Yemen.

Travel update: We have resumed tours to Mainland Yemen.

Reason for mainland Yemen tours suspended?

Our principal reasons for temporarily suspending the tours are multifaceted, but relate to the lack of centralized control in the areas we travel to and thus the higher security risk that this brings.

It should duly be remembered that Yemen has not long been open to tourists and much like Libya tourists are restricted to where they can go in the country.

And of course, this whole situation has been amplified by the recent troubles in Palestine and the now involvement of the Houthi rebels in this conflict. This has raised the dangers of indiscriminate attacks to a level that we feel is currently too high.

Mainland Yemen Tours suspended for how long?

There is no fixed duration that we will suspend tours and our 2024 programs are very much intact, with us having no immediate plans to cancel them. Obviously, we hope that the current problems in the Middle East are over quickly for all people involved, not just from a tourist perspective.

And as an ongoing situation it is something that us and our security partners will be constantly monitoring and seeking advice.

Mainland Yemen Tours
Mainland Yemen Tours

What about tours to Socotra and the rest of the Middle East

Essentially tours to the Middle East and our protocol has not changed since our last security update, with us monitoring Syria, Lebanon and to a lesser degree Egypt.

We have also been made aware of US security advisories against travel to Iraq and Iran, but we have decided after advice from our partners to continue running these tours.

With that being said though we always suggest checking with agencies such as the UKFCO before travel and do not suggest, nor imply our advice supersedes government advisories.

Tours to Socotra are not all affected, with the country safely until the guardianship of the United Arab Emirates.

As always, this advice is current, but of course subject to change.

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