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Lebanon Tours and Holidays 2024 – 2025


Young Pioneer Tours are now offering fully guided Lebanon tours for 2024 and 2025.

YPT offer many varied tours into the middle-east and this includes Lebanon! A very interesting country that has recovered from Civil wars, Israeli occupation, as well as almost total destruction. Lebanon is a must for history lovers, food lovers, as well as of course dark tourists.


We run a number of group tours to Lebanon throughout the year, as well as bespoke Lebanon tours that can be arranged according to your schedule and availability. Most of our group tours begin and finish in Lebanon’s vibrant capital city of Beirut.

All of our group tours to Lebanon are accompanied by an expert YPT guide, with us also using the best guides in the country. You will notice our tours are extremely unique with our itineraries differing greatly from other companies, this is because no one knows Lebanese tourism like us.

We are currently offering the following Lebanon tours for 2024 and 2025, but keep watching this page as we are always looking to add more tours.

Lebanon 2024 tours

Unseen Lebanon Tour August 7th – 11th 2024 – $845

While often just a pit-stop for our pioneers traveling to Syria, Lebanon has a unique history that while stretching back thousands of years is still just as important in the contemporary world. Thus, we present the Unseen Lebanon Tour! This tour combines with our Syria Marmarita Festival tour.

Ultimate Lebanon Tour – September 9th – 13th 2024 – $845

Our Ultimate Lebanon tour you’ll do a full city tour of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. It will cover history, the civil war, as well as the (many) present issues. We’ll also have a look at the explosion site and its stigmatas, as well as paying a poignant visit to the Shatila Palestinian refugee camp. This tour combines with two Syrian tours – Syrian Autumn tour, and Syrian September tour.

Lebanon 2025 tours

Lebanon Spring Tour – February 16th – 20th 2025 – $895

Our first Lebanon tour of the year! Again, taking you to all the major sites and the opportunity to really explore deeply into the country. This Lebanon tour links up with the Syria Spring Tour

Lebanon Revolutionary Tour – April 27th – May 1st 2025 – $845
This tour has a focus on the politics of Lebanon, it has been through civil wars, occupation of Israel and intense domestic problems that still affect Lebanese citizens. This links with our Syria Revolutionary Tour with which it can be combined.

The visa process is incredibly simple – passport holders of 81 countries are eligible for a visa on arrival- simply turn up at the airport and receive your 30 day tourist visit stamp.


In case our group tour dates do not fit your schedule, you would like to travel alone, or you would like a bespoke Lebanon itinerary then Young Pioneer Tours can help arrange the perfect Lebanon tour.

Prices depend on the number of people and what level of accommodation you require, but YPT can arrange everything you require for an independent tour to Lebanon it would be recommended to start your Independent Lebanon tours in Beirut and then travel from there.

Independent Lebanon Tour examples

We do not list all of our bespoke Lebanon itineraries, but can offer some examples, such as the following;

Explore Lebanon Independent Tour – Our standard independent tour to Lebanon that takes you to all of the main sites of Lebanon This tour can be extended or shortened in accordance to your needs.

Cultural Lebanon Tours – While all of our tours to Lebanon have a cultural element we can also plan things around certain elements of particular interest, be it religion, or anthropology for example.

Coastal tours – if beaches and the sea are your thing, we can arrange an itinerary that goes along the west coast of Lebanon, and the option of visiting the beach resort “Edde Sands” Cocktail on the beach anyone?

Ruins tour – Having been a site of civil unrest and a massive amount of history that stretches to over a thousand years, historical ruin sites are aplenty, we can arrange for a private tour with a focus on the history and lots of time to explore the ruins and take plenty of pictures!

Wine Tours to Lebanon – There are many wine vineyards in Lebanon that are a great addition to your private tour, explore areas such as Chateau Rayak, Chateau Ksara and Chateau Kefraya Hiking tours – Lebanon is home to many mountains and amazing waterfalls, whether your a beginner or experienced hiker, if climbing mountains and looking at amazing views and waterfalls is your thing, we can find something for you! Please note this is time dependent and only usually possible around April to December

Lebanon Tours for journalists – YPT can help arrange travel to Lebanon for journalists, as well as film makers through our partner company Pioneer Media. This includes meetings with the various political factions within the country.


Our tours to Lebanon can be perfectly combined with our Syria Tours, or done as standalone, this is for both group tours to Lebanon as well as for independent travel.


Below are questions that we are frequently asked about travel to Lebanon. We feel that we answered pretty much everything you might need to know before you go to Lebanon but please feel free to get in touch about your Lebanon tour, or to ask any additional questions.

Visa on arrival is available for passport holders of 81 countries, please click here to check the full list.
Lebanon is completely open to all international tourism, all that is required is a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours before departure.
Since the Civil War has ended, Lebanon has become safe again for travelers. Every location we visit on our tour itineraries are safe and we stay well clear of any spots that have any potential risk for our our guests.

The situation though is an ever-fluid one and as such we will change and alter the itinerary if we feel there is any risk involved to travel to certain areas.
In our minds yes, it is. As a heavily sanctioned country the money generated by tourism benefits real local Lebanese people in real time. Unlike North Korea for example most people work in the private sector, so are certainly not “propping up the regime”.
The best time to visit Lebanon would definitely be in spring time March-May – the local flora is flourishing and the heat from summer is yet to arrive, coastal Lebanon ranges from 12°C to 25°C, the mountains are a tad colder and there can even be snow!

Winter time can be a good option if you prefer it to be cooler, expect heavier rainfall, though this is only in short bursts. Ski season also starts around this time with a wide selection of quality ski resorts. We run tours throughout the year, with more constantly being added, so you can visit Lebanon with Young Pioneer Tours throughout all seasons.
The best way to travel to Lebanon is via Beirut. There are many flights that fly to Lebanon, it is fairly straightforward and the easiest way. if you are traveling in Syria you can drive across the land border to Lebanon, so it is possible to start a Lebanese tour in the Syrian Arab Republic.
You will need to bring cash to Lebanon, as the country has suffered from hyperinflation and essentially cards and cash machines are useless.

You may bring EUR, GBP or USD into Lebanon and exchange them at cash exchange kiosks which are found all over Beirut city.
Do not use ATMS or pay for anything with your bank card in Lebanon as you will be charged the official rate which was previously 1,500 Lebanese Pound to $1USD. The Lebanese economy is one of the worst in the world and their local currency is losing value each month. Cash is king!
We personally cap all of our groups at 16 people, but usually we have around 8 – 12 people. Although there is some flexibility. On particularly busy tours we will break the groups into two, so as to match sure you have the best Lebanon tour possible.
Food and drinks in Lebanon are incredible. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or have any other dietary requirements we can cater for all your needs.
This depends on the season, Lebanon is a straightforward country when it comes to how you dress, the religion is diverse so wear whatever is comfortable, if you are going in a hot season, it would be recommended to bring light clothing.
Yes, 40% of the country is christian and the president is catholic, you will also see many of the locals enjoying a beer or wine and you can find alcohol in supermarkets and corner shops.
Tipping is very much appreciated in Lebanon usually 10-15% of the bill, they are relaxed about it but it is definitely a nice gesture, especially if the hospitality is good we suggest tipping your guides. We usually suggest about $10 per guide, or driver per person, but as a gratuity it is completely up to you.
While Lebanon’s politics can prove to be controversial, a certain amount of respect and caution should be applied so as to not cause offense.

Lebanon though is not North Korea and not only can you ask your guides, or people about politics, but you can also expect very candid answers, and not necessarily what you might expect them to say. Remember this is your chance to hear the other side of the argument.
For a tour of Lebanon we do not have any age caps at all and despite young being in our name we welcome a very broad church of people. Our tours generally have people of all ages, so don’t expect Club 18-30, nor Saga Tours! This we feel is what makes both tours of Lebanon and the wider world so special.