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Group and Private Syria Tours 2024 – 2025

Young Pioneer Tours are pleased at announce our Syria Tours program for 2024 and 2025. That includes group tours and independent packages to the Syrian Arab Republic.

Back in 2017, we were one of the first travel agencies to offer Syrian packages after the war. We have now returned with a full program after the COVID-19 pandemic.

NOTE – Although the Gaza conflict is ongoing, this does not affect our tours to Syria. However, our staff on the ground is constantly monitoring the situation and we may change itineraries for safety reason if the situation were to escalate in the country.

Group Tours to Syria 2024 and 2025

Here are our upcoming group tours to Syria. Unless stated, they all start and finish in Beirut, Lebanon.

Syria Revolutionary Tour – May 2nd 9th 2024 – $1595

This Syria tour can also be combined with our Lebanon Revolutionary Tour which directly precedes it.

Syria Marmarita Carnival Tour – August 12th – August 19th 2024 – $1595

Marmarita Carnival is one of the largest celebrations held in the country! Syrian Christians gather on the streets of Marmarita, known as the “Valley of Christians”, to dress up in bizarre, crazy and hilarious costumes and dance, drink and party!

Syria Autumn Tour September 1st September 8th 2024 $1595

Our first tour after the summer. This trip has us going to all the main site including Aleppo, Palmyra and Busra. This tour can also be combined with our Ultimate Lebanon Tour.

Syria September Tour September 13th September 20th 2024 $1595

The second of our back-to-back Syrian tours in September, with this one also linking up with Lebanon.

Every facet of the Syria visa process is taken care of by YPT – no need to send your passport away anywhere. You can read more about it here.

Christmas in Syria Tour – December 23rd – December 26th 2024 – $895

Looking for somewhere unique to spend your Christmas this year? Join us in Syria and create your unique Christmas tale for your family and friends back home. We’ve designed this tour to be short, sweet… and easy on the wallet after those hefty Christmas expenses!

Syria Spring Tour – February 20th – 27th 2025 – $1595

This tour can be combined with our Lebanon Spring Tour which directly precedes it. Make the most of your Middle East experience and continue your adventure on our Iran Revolutionary tour.

Independent tours to Syria

In case our group tour dates do not fit your schedule, if you would like to travel alone, or if you would like a bespoke Syria itinerary, then Young Pioneer Tours can help arrange the perfect Syria tour for you. Prices depend on the number of people and the level of accommodation you require, but YPT can arrange everything you wish for an independent tour to Syria.

Independent Syria tours can start in Beirut (Lebanon) or Amman (Jordan), or internally from Damascus and Aleppo via Syrian Airways.

Independent Syria Tour examples

We do not list all of our bespoke Syrian tour itineraries, but we can offer some examples, such as the following;

  • Explore Syria Independent Tour – Our standard independent tour to Syria that takes you to all of the main sites of Syria. This tour can be extended or shortened in accordance to your needs.
  • Cultural Syria Tours – While all of our tours to Syria have a cultural element, we can also plan things around certain elements of particular interest, be it religion, archeology or anthropology for example.
  • Weekend Holidays to Syria – We can arrange very short getaways to Syria, which can be done over a weekend that focus on Damascus and Aleppo..
  • Aviation tours to Syria – With Syrian Air and Cham Wings Air both being airlines active in Syria, we can arrange your aviation tour. For more information on our Syrian Aviation tours, please get in touch.
  • Beach tours to Syria – Syria is no Ibiza, but it is secular and has beaches. It is possible to have an all out beach tour in Syria particularly in the summer months when people are partying, or it can merely be added as an extra day for independent tours to Syria.
  • Tours to Rojava – YPT can now offer travel packages to Rojava for both journalists and independent special interest tours. These require a different visa to mainland government controlled Syria. Please contact us for more details about travel to Rojava.

Lebanon Tours

Since most of our Syrian group tours begin and finish in Beirut, this gives you the best opportunity to combine with our Lebanon tours. Our Lebanon tours can be done as part of a Syria tour, as part of a group tour, individually, or as a standalone tour independent of our group tours to Syria.

Syria Tours FAQ

Below are what we are frequently asked about Syria for those interested in traveling to the country. We feel that we answered pretty much everything you might need to know before you go to Syria, but please feel free to get in touch about your Syria tour, or to ask any additional questions.

Every facet of your Syrian visa is taken care of by us. How quickly your Syrian visa will be processed and completed depends on your nationality. As most of our tours cross via Lebanon we arrange for most nationalities a visa-on-arrival.

Click here to read our extensive guide on how to obtain your visa to visit Syria.
Syria is completely open to all international tourism with proof of vaccination technically required to enter, although this is not enforced. It should be remembered that President Assad did not believe in COVID-19!
Since the Civil War has ended, Syria has become safe again for travellers. Every location we visit on our tour itineraries are safe and we stay well clear of any spots that have any potential risk for our our guests.

The situation though is an ever-fluid one and as such we will change and alter the itinerary if we feel there is any risk involved to travel to certain areas.
In our minds yes, it is. As a heavily sanctioned country the money generated by tourism benefits real local Syrians in real time. Unlike North Korea for example most people work in the private sector, so are certainly not “propping up the regime”.

You can read more if it is ethical to visit Syria in our dedicated article to the matter here.
Syria has a Mediterranean / Middle-Eastern climate, so we recommend either spring or autumn. Winters are a cool and majestic time to visit Syria. Summer days hit the high 30s Celsius so not as hot as some may expect it to be.

We run tours throughout the year, with more constantly being added, so you visit Syria with Young Pioneer Tours throughout all seasons.
The best way to travel to Syria is via Beirut in Lebanon because of the short driving distance. You may also travel from Amman in Jordan, or fly into both Damascus or Aleppo, although both of these methods involve a different way of arranging your visa.

Driving into Syria from Lebanon merely means we collect your visa on arrival. For those wishing to fly into the country, this can be arranged for independent tours, with us also being able to arrange your visa beforehand.
USD is the main currency for exchange into the Syrian pound. Make sure to bring cash as ATM’s are unreliable.

Generally speaking, USD cash is the main currency for spending, receiving change and exchanging into the Syrian pound. Euro is also taken and extremely easy to exchange, but unlike other Arab countries it is far less accepted, or important than the United States Dollar.

Other currencies can also be exchanged, particularly those from other Arab states. Changing Syrian money back to Lebanese, or dollars can be done in Syria, or when we return to Lebanon. Due to the situation in Lebanon money changers are literally everywhere.
Due to sanctions, you cannot use ATMs or use credit cards in Syria. Also keep in mind that due to hyperinflation you cannot use ATMs in Lebanon either. Cash is king in both Syria and Lebanon!

As for much to bring to Syria? Meals and drinks are quite cheap, so you can get away with just a few hundred dollars, but as with anything spending related only you truly know how much money you need when visiting Syria.
We personally cap all of our groups at 16 people, but usually we have around 8 – 12 people. Although there is some flexibility. On particularly busy tours we will break the groups into two, so as to match sure you have the best Syrian tour possible.
Food and drinks in Syria are incredible. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or have any other dietary requirements we can cater for all your needs.
Syria is a very secular country, so generally speaking it does not have the same prohibitions as other countries within the region. That being said you will be visiting mosques and churches, so do dress relatively conservatively and women must have a headscarf at the ready.

Also keep in mind that despite being in the Middle-East Syria has huge swings in its weather. Syria can have heavy snowfall in the winter, whilst being blissfully hot in summer. This will affact what you wear in Syria.
Yes, there is and you may drink during your visit to Syria. Damascus for example has a fabulous bar scene, with pop-up bars and even drink kiosks. Aleppo on the other hand is much more conversation and has one bar and one liquor store.

And then there are Christian areas where they not only make their own booze, but really enjoy a drink. With regards to this your YPT Guide will advise you on the cultural norms for when you visit different parts of Syria.
Due to sanctions the Syrian people have really suffered and this means buying basic daily essentials such as medicine is difficult. With this in mind and much like North Korea your tips not only go a long way, but directly help people rather than going to the government.

Therefore, we suggest tipping your guides. We usually suggest about $10 per guide, or driver per person, but as a gratuity it is completely up to you.
Often portrayed as one-party state technically at least it does have a multi-party system. With that being said it is hard not to notice the cult of personality around Assad and you should respect this when visiting the country.

Syria though is not North Korea and not only can you ask your guides, or people about politics, but you can also expect very candid answers, and not necessarily what you might expect them to say. Remember this is your chance to hear the other side of the argument.

You can read about the Syrian government here.
For a tour of Syria, we do not have any age caps at all and despite young being in our name we welcome a very broad church of people. Our tours generally have people of all ages, so don’t expect Club 18-30, nor Saga Tours! This we feel is what makes both tours of Syria and the wider world so special.