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Syria Tours

YPT runs tours to Syria throughout the year! Similar to our tours of Afghanistan, our tours of Syria are not publicly displayed on our website, so make sure to get in touch with us to learn about dates and itineraries.

Beginning and ending in Lebanon’s vibrant capital, Beirut, these tours are your opportunity to see Syria at a unique point in its history. Until the recent war, the only thing most people knew about Syria was Palmyra, and now Syria’s famous but for all the wrong reasons. But guess what – there’s a lot more to it than you’d expect!

We start our tours of Syria in Beirut, Lebanon and go through border formalities together as we drive towards Damascus. In the buzzing old town of Damascus, the streets of which are lined with cool bars and cafes where young locals smoke shishas and drink cocktails. We make our way to the war-torn old town of Aleppo, stopping on the way at charming coffee stands and destroyed villages. Shrouded in a coat of destruction, we’ll then visit Palmyra, which now requires special permission to get into, but despite its tragic recent history, is still a breath-taking site. We then head towards Homs and the Krak des Chevalier, a UNESCO site of incredible interest. A couple of Assad souvenirs, an afternoon relaxing in a hammam, and no doubt some genuine Syrian hospitality later, we’ll return to Damascus, before ending the tour in Beirut.

For tours of this nature, security is the most important factor and the itinerary is subject to change depending on the situation on the ground and the information we receive from our local partners. The local guide and YPT guide’s decision on eventual itinerary changes is final and done with your safety in mind.

  • Taking a photo near the Syria sign in Damascus