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Middle-East Travel Advice – October 2024

Whenever there is an incident within the places that we travel large enough to draw media scrutiny it can and does not only change the travel dynamic, but also raise concerns among travellers.

With this in mind we are now offering the following travel advice for our tours to the Middle-East.

Protests in the Middle-East and Beyond

Whenever there is an international incident that has heavy media coverage then there is always a risk of protest or even an act by an individual. 

In these respects, our policies actually remain exactly the same as they always do with regards to protests and that is to stay as far away from them as possible. This as a rule is strictly enforced on our trips, as is the taking of photos in such situations.

Staying safe whilst in country

Again, staying safe whilst in country is largely an extension on how we would usually behave on trips, but with some extra measures, as well as others that are far more heightened than usual. These include;

  • Keeping the people who know about your trip to as few people as possible.
  • Avoiding places where international people congregate
  • Keeping a low profile when in a public area
  • Avoiding as much as possible, government and embassy buildings.

Is it currently more dangerous to travel to the Middle-East?

The current tensions within the region mean that yes, it is currently more dangerous to travel to the Middle-East, but the reality is that away from the currently flashpoints of Palestine, Israel and the Golan Heights, the actual danger level has not increased all that much.

Generally speaking, we feel that so long as you follow the heightened security protocol then there really is not a huge amount more risk than at “normal” times.

With anything like this we also suggest seeking 3rd party advice such as from the UKFCO.

Are YPT planning on cancelling any trips to the Middle-East?

While we have (obviously) suspended trips to, or from Palestine, we have not as of yet suspended, or cancelled any other Middle-East trips.

We are though obviously keeping an eye on the situation, with bordering countries such as Lebanon and Egypt being potential flashpoints. National further afield such as Syria, or Iraq we do not deem at a huge risk of tour cancellation, with Iran falling into its own unique category.

As always though safety always comes first and we will always publish regular travel advisories.

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