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Hotels of the DPRK: Koryo Hotel

Lobby of the Koryo Hotel

In this installment of hotels of the DPRK, we’ll be introducing one of the finest hotels in Pyongyang, travelers craving for some luxury during their stay in the DPRK will definitely want to stay at this hotel. While the Yanggakdo is more famous and the Sosan and Chongnyon cheaper, the Koryo certainly has the high-class thing done right.

How to go

The Koryo hotel is one of the best located hotels in Pyongyang as it is right in the middle of the city, a stone throw away from the Pyongyang railway station. Its iconic-twin tower architecture is recognizable from far away.

The facilities

The Koryo hotel, as the most luxurious hotel open to tourists in the capital of the DPRK, truly has it all. It has a nice bar/café at the entrance next to its vast lobby. On the same floor, right by it, is a supermarket, which has everything, from sausages, to handbags going through the probably much more often purchased drinks and liquors. Near the lobby, you’ll also find a business centre from which phone calls, photocopies and postage can be arranged. It also has a tearoom

On the second floor, you’ll find the first restaurant of the hotel in which breakfast is sometimes arranged. It also has a smaller and to our opinion, cozier bar, in which are sold many different kinds of soju and domestic beers. This floor is also where the souvenir store and bookshop, both well furnished, can be found.

The third floor also has a restaurant, in which the breakfast buffet for our customers is generally arranged.

The basement is in two parts, with the staircase on the left hand side, when entering from the lobby, bringing you to the karaoke room. The karaoke rooms here are spacious and the songs available, both foreign and domestic, extremely varied. From the other staircase, one gets access to the other entertainment available in the hotel. You’ll find a fitness centre for which paid access will let you use the gym, swimming pool and sauna. There is also an aisle where you will find multiple chess tables, leading to a golf simulator. This floor is also where the massage parlor can be found. Finally, one of our favourite thing, a tailor is available on this level and, given the time, can make a Korean suit for customers.

Something definitely remarkable about this hotel is that it has not one, but two revolving restaurant bars, one on top of each of its twin towers. The revolving restaurant gives you a view of Pyongyang’s downtown.

Outside of the hotel, a few second walk away but in the same building can be found a micro-brewery which has two great beers on tap, which can only be found here.

The rooms

The rooms at the Koryo Hotel are wonderful. They are spacious suites, complete with a living room, a small tea stage, a bed room and a toilet. Everything here is perfectly clean and all appliances are functional. All rooms have air-conditioning and the televisions here show a lot of international channels.

Needless to say, a stay at the Koryo hotel is a memorable experience and during our last Political Interest tour, we stayed there, as Xi Jinping was visiting the country. The hotel was then used for Chinese journalists and diplomats. It is most certainly a place where you will rub shoulders with the high rollers.

The Koryo Hotel is not part of any of our upcoming scheduled tours, however we can always arrange stays there in our Independent Tours.