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10 Best blogs of 2023 – Young Pioneer Tours

At Young Pioneer Tours we are constantly writing new content about the places we go and things we do, with many of our articles aped by our competitors. So, lets see the top 10 best blogs of 2023 from Young Pioneer Tours, based on site hits.

Best Blogs of 2023

Why do we say from here to Timbuktu

A nice little one explaining this strange phrase from the Malian town of Timbuktu – which we add is closed to tourism. You can though visit Mali with us, literally this month.

Check out our Mali tour here

A Definitive Guide to the Russian Flag

Hmmm, OK, so no real need to explain why this one got a lot of hits last year, our Ukraine one also did very well……..

I shall leave it at that.

Bir Tawil – Strange tale of unclaimed land

One for the serious nerds out there, of which I include myself. We are the only company to visit here, or at least attempt to every year.

To read about our Bir Tawil Incursion click here

To read about the Men in No Mans Land click here

Living in a Soviet Time Warp 

About when I lived in Transnistria, indeed a strange time in my life. And yes the KGB were involved.

You can check out our Transnistria Victory Day Tour here

Whats the difference between inner and outer Mongolia

I won’t spoil the surprise, so you can read this one if you actually do not know the answer. 

You can also join our summer tour here

Flags that Feature Weapons

OK, so the most famous one is Mozambique, but can you guess the rest? I’ll give one clue we go one in February……

Check out the mystery tour here

Who were the roof Koreans?

A great one that has a very tenuous link to our tours as it happened in the USA. We do though run North Korean Tours and are ready for when the country finally reopens. 

To read about our North Korean Tours click here.

Mt Hagan Festival Guide

YPT love PNG and the Mount Hagan Festival in particular, which is why we run a trip there every August. Read this article to see why it is a must see.

You can check out our Mount Hagan Tour here

What is SOFEX?

SOFEX is the largest military fair in the world, but alas only happens every two years. That means we are in for 2024, but this is not the only fare out there.

Join our Egypt EDEX Tour here.

Socialist Countries Past Present and Future Click here

One of our most in depth guides, which as well as your China, Laos North Korea types, also has Venezuela and Angola listed. Where though do they fit on  the red pyramid?

Check out our Venezuela Tour here.

Check out our Angola Tour here

Somaliland and Somalia, Whats the difference?

Ironically one is recognised and the other isn’t, but the other is safe and functioning, while the other isn’t, but which one fits into which pile? Read the article for more.

Oh and we now have tours to both

To read about our Horn of Africa Tour click here

To read about our Somalia Tour click here

And that marks our 10 best blogs of 2023, but also our first blog of 2024. What will be best blogs of 2024? We will tell you in exactly one years time……

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