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What is the Egypt Defence Expo – AKA EDEX 2024

When it comes to defence expos there really is a circuit, there’s of course SOFEX in Jordan, but also big ones held in held in Abu Dhabi, Turkey and also smaller ones in places as obscure as Albania. One of the biggest though is the Egypt Defence Expo, or EDEX

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What is an arms fair?

An arms fair, military exhibition, or army sales expo is exactly what it sounds like. Think of a normal trade fair, like travel, or from a more boring point of view lets say construction.

People come to buy, sell, showcase and generally do a whole lot of networking. This is no different, well it is different, because it is all of the above, but for weapons of war and in some cases mass destruction.

If you have seen Lord of War, or War Dogs then these are the kind of cate who show up as these expos, along with government types, military types and of course the aforementioned arms traders. There are also a lot of average everyday joes that just happen to be selling things used for defence and offence. These can be as brazen as tanks and guns, to drones and even just language training. To call these events diverse would be a great understatement.

What is the Egypt Defence Expo AKA EDEX

Egypt is the 3rd largest weapons importer in the world, with much of it being resold. The country also not only produces its own weapons, but is also strategically and geographically a very interesting military area. Allies with the west, they also enjoy cordial relations with China and Russia. A Muslim Arab country, they are also chums with Egypt. This makes them quite the hosts.

They are also a dab hand at hosting events, with COP 27 recently being held in Cairo

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And bring in people they do. with over 400 businesses showcasing, as well as up to tens of thousands of participants. This is definitely the time to be in Cairo, hotel room prices notwithstanding. 

EDEX itself is held every two years in 2023 it will be the fourth edition of the event, with it first being held in 2018. Not the oldest, but now one of the most important parts of the military exhibition world. 

Who would visit EDEX?

Assuming you are not a tin-pot dictator, a general in an African army, or a former masseuse now looking for US military contracts with his buddy you might ask who would want to visit the Egypt Defence Expo?

Well only you can answer that, but we can say a few things. These are very very much off the beaten track and not on the tourist radar. Not just anyone can go to these events and you need permission, something YPT arrange for you.

From a touristic point of view it offers a chance to see how the military industrial complex works, watch great military displays and hell maybe even fire some guns (we did at SOFEX). 

So, while it might not be for everyone, for us this truly is one of the most unique tips we offer and we are certain you will enjoy the Egypt Military Expo. 

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