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Who recognizes Abkhazian Independence?

While many consider Abkhazia an unrecognized state in actuality it is partially recognized due to many United Nations and no United Nations states recognizing Abkhazian Independence.

Who though are these states, why do they recognize Abkhazia and what does it all mean?

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Unrecognized to partially recognized countries

The term unrecognized country is one that we talk about a lot, but its one that has many nuances. This is because there is almost no fully unrecognized country in the world.

In this respects the only country that is fully unrecognized is Somlailand, while on the other end of the spectrum Taiwan is recognized by a number of UN states. This number though is regularly dropping.

Which UN states recognize Abkhazia and why?

There are currently 5 UN nations that recognize Abkhazia, most of whom fall within the Russian sphere of influence.

Russia was the first to recognize Abkhazia in 2008 following the war in Georgia and what was deemed the Kosovo precedent. This was followed by Nicaragua and Venezuela – both Russian allies.

Nauru which recently one aching recognized the People Republic of China over Taiwan allegedly gave recognition following a loan from Russia to the island republic, although this is but a romour. It is though another fascinating part of the whole Nauru story.

YPT are currently invoked in setting up Nauru’s first ever football team.

Syria also recognize the independence of Abkhazia,, but less so autonomy of Rojava.

Tuvalu, a YPT favorite, as well as Vanuatu formerly recognized Abkhazian independence.

Partially recognized states recognizing Abkhazian independence

In the [partially recognized sphere of countries most all recognize Abkhazian independence. Chief among these is of course South Ossetia, but also includes Transnistria where I move lived and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Former states with limited recognition that recognized Abkhazian independence included Donetsk, Luhansk, and the dearly departed Nagorno-Karabakh.

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