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Nauru Recognises the People’s Republic of China (again)

One of the most controversial nations in the world and indeed the least visited country in the world is in the news again as Nauru recognises the People’s Republic of China.

Yet while this might seem like epic news, this is far from the first time we have been in this situation.

Nauru and “China”

Nauru has a Chinese population that accounts for about 10 percent of everyone. This minority runs the shops and indeed almost every restaurant as part of the Nauruan take on Chinese food.

The Republic of Nauru though, much like most Pacific Island nations, has traditionally recognised the Republic of China, AKA Taiwan over the People’s Republic of China, AKA China, although this has not always been the case.

Nauru initially recognised Taiwan upon membership of the United Nations in 1999, but has flipped at least two times since then starting in 2002 and seemingly based upon who was offering the most money at the time.

As of today (15 January 2024) they are now back with the PRC.

Nauru as a diplomatic football

Despite once being the richest country in the world, things have not been easy for Nauru and they have constantly teetered on the brink of bankruptcy until foreign players have stepped in.

This has included Australia moving their refugees, as well as Russia loaning the country $50 million, which was closely followed by Nauruan recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Nauru Recognises the People’s Republic of China, what does it mean for travel?

Prior to recognising the PRC, you did not need a visa for Nauru if you were from Taiwan. One will now assume that this will be the case for those from the PRC, rather than the ROC.

And maybe, just maybe, the Republic of Nauru has a new benefactor.

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