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Having dinner with the Taiwanese Ambassador to Tuvalu

On our Least Visited Countries Tour we do a lot of cool stuff, as well as meet many cool people. Pretty much at the top of this list in 2023 (almost 2024) was being invited to dinner by the ambassador.

So, how did we do this, why did we do this and was it fun?

Why did YPT have dinner with the Taiwanese Ambassador to Tuvalu?

One of the core tenets of  traveling with YPT and indeed our ethos to things is meeting real people, meeting important people and learning what life is really like in a country.

Amazingly this something our competitors have actually been known to try and criticize us with. The implication being that all we do is drink. Of course this is not true, but do we socialize rather than just dump you in your hotel at night.

And as for why the Taiwan ambassador? Because Tuvalu recognize them over the Peoples Republic of China. In previous years we have also met former ambassadors here.

How was the dinner with the Taiwanese Ambassador to Tuvalu?

Quite frankly it was truly amazing and extremely interesting. Not only were Ambassador Andrew Lin and his team extremely friendly, but we got to learn about not only what their lives were like in Tuvalu, but also the contemporary ties between Taiwan and Tuvalu, particularly with regards to China’s ever prominent rise within the region.

Both Kiribati and the Solomon Islands have recently moved to recognize the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) rather than the Republic of China (ROC) in what were seen as controversial moves.

Of course YPT as a matter of policy  stay apolitical, but it was also very interesting to hear the Taiwanese take on things. Our few Chinese speakers, myself included also got to chat in Mandarin.

And as for the food? Some of the best we have had on the trip so far. And as for IF Taiwan is a country? You can read our take here

Do you do other things like this on the Least Visited Countries Tour?

Yes we do, we meet government people, we meet sports people, rich people, poor people, heck we even met the worlds strongest man. And we do this because to us at least this is what travel is all about.

How do we manage this? Because we do not randomly go to places, we visit first and then spend years networking and helping with the economies in these places, so that we can make special things like this happen.

And this is the YPT way…..

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