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North Korea in January

While January may not be the most popular month to travel to North Korea, going during the countries low season has its own distinct advantages. Despite January being the coldest month of the year in Korea, here are our top 5 reasons to visit North Korea in January.

5. Discounted Tours

Due to January being the low season for tourism in North Korea, our local partners at Korea International Company can offer discounted rates on hotels and tour packages allowing us to take you to North Korea for the absolute lowest price possible all year.

January Budget Tour (January 6th – 12th)– Our standard length four-night tour to begin the New Year takes in all the must-see highlights of Pyongyang city, Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and, of course, a trip down to the Korean DMZ all for just 695 Euros!

January Ultra Budget Tour (January 7th – 9th) – While our Ultra Budget Tours are already the cheapest North Korean tours on the market at 475 Euros per person, In January, we are able to bring down the price even further, allowing you to take in all the action for just 445 Euros!

4. Devoid of Tourists

While it may come as a surprise for some North Korea in the peak tourism months (April – October) can be pretty busy, especially with the massive influx of Chinese Tourists over the last couple of years. Travelling in January means there will be few groups in the country and you will have the place almost all to yourself.

3. Chance to see a snowy Pyongyang!

Pyongyang is an incredibly photogenic city year-round, but seeing it in the snow is truly something else. January is one of the best times to see the city blanketed in snow.

2. Masik Ski Resort

North Korea’s Masik Ski Resort was opened in January 2014 after being constructed by the Korean Peoples army in just ten months. We are pleased to offer our North Korean Skiing extension on all of our January tours to this modern new resort located on the eastern side of the peninsula.

Click here to check out a video of YPT’s North Korea Tour Manager Rowan Beard exploring the ski resort

1. Escape Chinese New Year’s celebrations

For those working and studying in China, North Korea is one of the best and closest destinations to escape the madness in China and see a new country.

Spring Festival Tour (January 24th-31st) – A unique 5 Night tour that will take in all the highlights of Pyongyang, The DMZ and also include a special visit to Mount Myohyang.

Spring Festival Ultra Budget Tour (January 25th-27th)– The cheapest way to escape the madness of Spring Festival in China!

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