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A look into the Mount Myohyang Region

Mount Myohyang which is nestled two hours northeast of Pyongyang may not be as famous as some of North Korea’s other mountains such as Mt. Paektu or Mt. Kumgang, it is a hidden gem and an incredibly popular place for domestic tourists to visit in the DPRK as well as one of our favourite places. Below in no particular order are some of the highlights of a trip to this stunning region of North Korea.

Visit the International Friendship Exhibition

We will start with the big one here as this is what entices most people to come to Mt. Myohyang in the first place. The International Friendship Exhibition is carved into the side of a mountain which barrows deep, this massive museum of seemingly endless corridors and tunnels contain gifts presented by heads of organisations, states and public figures from all around the world to the former leaders of North Korea – Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, as well as the current leader Kim Jong Un. While it would take days to see the entire museum, we ensure you experience the highlights including railway cars gifted from Mao Zedong and Stalin, as well as a plane gifted to Kim Il Sung by the Soviets.

The Hyangsan Hotel – one of the very few five-star rated hotels in North Korea

Built in 1986 and renovated in 2010, this five-star 15 floor pyramid shaped hotel is an incredible piece of architecture that really stands out against the backdrop of the Myohyang mountain region. During your day trip out to this remote area we include a stop for a luxurious lunch. It is possible to arrange an overnight stay on an independent tour where you can take advantage of the hotel’s facilities such as bars, cafe, barbershop, beauty salon, swimming pool, massage, karaoke and gym.

World class hiking

Mount Myohyang is truly a hikers paradise during the spring, summer and fall season. Trails range from easy to advanced hiking, so there is something on offer for everybody. We personally recommend the fall season to see the amazing contrast in colours.

Pohyon Temple

Something most people don’t expect from a tour to North Korea is a visit to a Buddhist temple. Pohyon temple is located just a short drive from the International Friendship Exhibition and is one of the five famous Buddhist temples that still remain in North Korea. Here you can meet the resident monks who still practice their religion and walk around the beautiful grounds of this historical and unique temple.

Ryongmun Cavern

Known to the locals as Dragon Cave, this massive network of cave tunnels was formed millions of years ago due to limestone erosion. With an average temperature at just 11 degrees Celsius, this is the perfect place to explore during a hot afternoon in North Korea. Visiting the caves can take around an hour and a half whilst you are accompanied by a friendly and very animated local guide who will take you around the expansive cave network showing off the various stalagmite formation.

Mt. Myohyang is included in most of our group tours to North Korea but can be added as an independent extension to any of our group tours or into your own private tour to the DPRK.

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