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What Is It Like to Fly and Eat With Air Koryo

Air Koryo is often billed as the world’s only 1-star airline, serving the infamous Air Koryo Burger, but what is it like to fly and eat with them?

OK, so let’s get the first part out of the way, we know that Air Koryo is mocked continuously and referred to as the worlds only 1-star airline, but we fly with them an awful lot, and while they may not be perfect, we would take them over Ryanair any day of the week….

Who is Air Koryo?

Air Koryo, in case you have stumbled this far without realizing, are the national flag carrier of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, AKA North Korea. It is state-run, owned, and operated.

What are the Air Koryo planes like?

We have written a whole blog on the Air Koryo fleet if that is your thing, but to summarize, the planes are very nice, if not a little bit Soviet! Classless society even has a first-class section!

Also, if you want to visit North Korea, they really are your only option, aside from the twice-weekly Air China flight…..

What are the Air Koryo Staff like?

The women tend to be very beautiful, speak a little English and are extremely friendly.

And the food on Air Koryo!

Hold your horses; I was getting to that part. There is, of course, the legendary Air Koryo burger that is pork, not undetermined meat, as is often stated. It is also not nearly as bad as people make out, although it is not exactly a BK Whopper either.

Vegetarian on Air Koryo?

You get the Air Koryo burger, just without the meat, with extra lettuce and cucumber. Someone erroneously stated that it is better than the “mystery meat” burger; it isn’t. Remember you heard it here first!

Drinking on Air Koryo

Air Koryo stopped serving alcohol on their international and domestic flights since 2016 (gone are the blessed days where they served Taedonggang Beer on board). However, they do offer tea, coffee, soda water, orange juice, apple juice and milk.

They also offer a North Korean cider which usually grabs people’s attention, but do note that North Korean cider is non-alcoholic. It’s quite refreshing though so definitely worth a try!

And that is the overall skinny on flying, eating and drinking with Air Koryo on your journey to Pyongyang.