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How to Get a North Korean Visa

The North Korean visa is probably the easiest visa you will ever get.

Why? Because here at YPT, we do all the work!

What do you need from me?

We need you to send us:

  • A filled in YPT booking form
  • A filled in DPRK visa form
  • A signed term of travel agreement
  • A copy of your passport
  • A passport photo with a white background.


All of these forms you can get from one of our many sales agents, just send an email to YPT at!

Do I need to send you my actual passport?

Nope, just a copy. The North Korean visa will not be stuck into your passport. It’s a separate piece of paper which we will then give you at the beginning of the tour in Beijing or Dandong.


Will my passport be stamped when I enter the DPRK?

Nope, your passport won’t have any North Korean stamp, because the visa is a separate piece of paper. It will be stamped when you exit and re-enter China though, at Chinese customs.


How much does it cost?

It simply costs €50 for all nationalities on top of the tour price!


What if I want to get a North Korean visa in my passport?

This is possible, but only if you have a DPRK embassy in your country. You still have to book onto the tour and send YPT all the documentation, then we organize with our partners in Pyongyang for it to be issued at the DPRK embassy of your choice.

This means that Australians and Canadians can’t do this, but if you want to do it in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore etc, then it’s easy if you’re from that country!

It can also take a while, the visas are generally only ready no earlier than one month before your tour, so it’s not a good option for those already traveling.

The whole process costs €20 for YPT to organize it all for you, and then you pay the €50 (roughly) visa fee straight to your embassy of choice when you get your visa. But then you’ll have the visa in your passport for posterity!


What if I want to join a tour from Vladivostok?

This is easy too, it’s the same €50 fee and we will arrange for you to pick it up from the DPRK consulate in Vladivostok, though it will be the same separate piece of paper to your visa unless you’re Russian!


Can I get the visa on my own?

No, unfortunately only a tour company can get the visa for you once you have booked onto a tour, but fortunately for you, YPT is here for you!

Want to make the most of our excellent visa service and join us on a tour to North Korea? 

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