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Can I bring my phone to North Korea?

Contrary to popular belief and the many outdated news reports, cellphones can be taken with you on your trip to North Korea.

In the old days, your phone would be either left at the airport, or if taking the train would be sealed in an envelope until you left the country. Nowadays, you simply declare it as part of your belongings at customs, and you bring it in as usual.

That being said, your phone is a media device, and if you have prohibited things on there, such as books against the DPRK, or pornography you risk having it deleted at best, or your phone confiscated at worst.

Here’s everything you needed to know about using a mobile phone in North Korea

Can I take pictures with my phone in North Korea?

You most certainly can take pictures with your cellphone in North Korea, with the restrictions or customs being the same as with an ordinary camera.

Most North Koreans have cellphones now, with cameras that they like to take pictures with!

Will my cellphone have a connection in North Korea?

Log answer short is, no, it will not have a connection as Koryolink currently does not have roaming agreements with any international operators.

It was previously possible to rent a Koryolink Simcard, although this is currently no longer possible.

Young Pioneer Tours as a business in North Korea do have a Koryolink sim card connected to the internet, and able to make and receive international calls in case of an emergency.

Can you phone North Koreans with your sim card in North Korea?

No, there is an international network (we can call other foreigners in North Korea), and North Koreans can phone North Koreans.

Why does it say online that I can’t take my phone to North Korea?

Mobile phones were previously banned in North Korea, but this came to an end when Koryolink started n the country. Cellphones are now a ubiquitous sight in the DPRK.

How does the cell phone network work in North Korea?

Telecommunications in North Korea area is quite complicated, with the country having 3-4 cellular networks, not just Koryolink, which is often stated by the media. We have written a very informative blog If you want to get really geeky on things!

And that is our guide to using your cellphone, or mobile phone in North Korea. Hopefully, this answers all of your questions, but as with anything feel free to get in touch if you need more information.