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Best Bougainville Tours 2024-2025

Young Pioneer Tours are one of the only companies to offer Bougainville Tours to group and independent pioneers, something we have been doing since 2019.

Seeped in beauty, home to some of the most welcoming people on Earth, and with the potential to be the worlds newest’s country, Bougainville is a mountainous island known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Now really is the time to visit Bougainville!

Group Tours to Bougainville 2024-2025

Currently Young Pioneer Tours offer one standalone group tour to Bougainville, as well as one that combines with our Papua New Guinea Mount Hagen Festival tour. We also offer one tour linked to the Solomon Islands on our Least Visited Countries Tour.

We are currently planning more tours to Bougainville, so watch this space and our social media to get all the news!

Mount Hagen Festival and Bougainville Tour – August 13th – 26th 2024 – $5790

This tour perfectly combines the Mount Hagen Festival Port Moresby, Lae and Goroka with a week in Bougainville.

Papua New Guinea Bougainville Tour – August 20th-26th 2024 – $2995

Our yearly scheduled trip to Bougainville where we head all over the island, sample Bougainville culture, see the Yamamoto crash site, as well as go island hopping in Bougainville.

Independent Travel to Bougainville

While we offer limited group tours to Bougainville, we and our partners in the country can offer bespoke tours to Bougainville throughout the year.

These tours can be combined with trips to mainland Papua New Guinea, overland from West Papua, as well as with Raboul, New Britain and New Ireland to name but a few examples.

Bespoke Bougainville Tours

World War Two Bougainville Tours – Bougainville was the site of some of the most intense fighting of the Second World War and is home to many famous wrecks. YPT can arrange tours that focus on not only the Second World War, but also specific routes, or battles.

Yamamoto Plane Wreck – While our group tours take in the plane wreck of Yamamoto, we can also arrange private tours that spend more time here, as well as taking in other related history.

Diving in Bougainville – Bougainville offers some of the best diving and snorkelling spots in the world, but alas they lack diving equipment. Young Pioneer Tours can arrange diving in Bougainville with prior warning.

Island Hopping Tours in Bougainville – Young Pioneer Tours can arrange island hopping in Bougainville as part of a regular tour, or over a longer period of time.

Journalist travel to Bougainville – Young Pioneer Tours can arrange trips for journalists to Bougainville, as well as meetings with people who were involved in the conflict for independence within the nascent country.

Bougainville and Solomon Islands Tours – With the latest announcement that this border has been reopened YPT can now offer tours that start in either destination and cross the international border.

Bougainville and New Britain Tours

Travel to Bougainville can not only be combined with our regular trips to Papua New Guinea, but also the beaches, beauty and World War Two heritage of both New Britain and New Ireland.

These tours can be facilitated via the Port Moresby to Raboul flights, which then carry on to Buka Airport. These can also be combined with trips to the capital, as well as other parts of Papua New Guinea, as well as overland to West Papua.

Travel between Bougainville and Solomon Islands

It has just been announced that the long closed border crossing between Bougainville and the Solomon Islands has been reopened. We are now able to offer tours that combine both destinations.

These trips cross over into the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, with flights then available to Gizo and Honiara among other exciting places.

We have just planned a trip between the two that will commence after our Least Visited Countries Tour.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel to Bougainville

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Bougainville. If we have missed something out then please get in touch and let the Bougainville travel experts answer your question for you.

Despite its reputation for danger in many ways it is much safer to travel here than in mainland Papua New Guinea. With that being said there are an excess of guns on the island and you should always listen to the advice of local guides.
Any tour to Bougainville will need to come via Papua New Guinea and, or usually Raboul. There is no international airport here, with Buka being the only truly functioning local one.
While we have heard tales of people illegally crossing from the Solomon Islands to Bougainville, or visa versa, this usually ends up with them in prison and paying a large bribe to get out. We will not facilitate illegal crossings of this border.
Lets put it this way, regardless of what you think about Belt and Road, you’ll be wishing they had some here! The roads are bad and there is sadly no way around it, bar having lots of patience.
Of course you do champ, so why not get in touch and let one of our Bougainville tour experts help you.