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Having been doing business in the countries for many years now, YPT has built an important network of partners and experts in Papua New Guinea. If our current tour to Mont Hagen and Bougainville do not fit your dates or you have other activities in mind, please do get in touch with us for a customised program. While visiting Papua New Guinea is extremely rewarding, doing so on your own can be quite difficult as the country’s infrastructure are limited and local knowledge is a must. Getting in touch with local companies and services can be very difficult as the websites are often out of dates and phone numbers, derelict. By visiting there regularly, we keep in touch with the local business and facilitate your approach to the country.

Most companies will catapult you to a show and fly you out, avoiding most local experiences. At YPT we team up with local partners to make sure you get the whole picture and get up close with the local culture, all of it done in a safe and leisurely way, with a hint of backpacking adventure!

We can organise tours from individual tours to private group tours throughout the country. Here are some suggestions of the regions that can be visited and the activities that can be done there.

Port Moresby Capital Region

Most tours to Papua New Guinea will involve staying in Port Moresby for a short while. Since all international flights go through the capital and that most domestic flights are in the morning, connections often take a day or so.

We can arrange visits to the few sights of Port Moresby such as the National Museum, the Nature Park but also sights like the beginning of the Kokoda Trail.

It is also possible to go on scuba diving trips from Port Moresby

The Highlands

The Highlands, a region made up of a group of seven provinces including the Western Highlands, Eastern and Southern Highlands provinces, is probably the most famous region of Papua New Guinea. Daily flights to Mont Hagen, Goroka, Lae and Madang connect the region with the capital and the region is well-known for its multiple festivals (see the calendar below). Three of the countries most popular festivals; Mont Hagen, Goroka and Morobe Cultural Shows are found in this region. In this part, we can arrange village stays, coffee plantation visits, private sing-sing and, in the coastal cities of Madang and Lae, scuba diving and other water sports.

East New Britain

Off the coast of mainland Papua New Guinea is the island of New Britain. It has a much more relaxed vibe than the main island and is much cleaner. The old capital of East New Britain, Rabaul, is an ideal place for relaxation but also for WWII history buffs. In Rabaul, many Japanese wrecks and bunkers can be visited as part of a World War II interest tour. For water sport lovers, Rabaul is a great launching pad to go scuba diving, snorkelling around the wreck of a Zero Japanese plane or simply swimming amongst the dolphins. It is also possible to climb up the volcano Turvurvur, still active! Finally, in the evening, a typical fire dance of the New Britain tribes, with their traditional giant masks can be organised for groups.


While it might soon become the world’s young country at the issue of their referendum, Bougainville is still part of Papua New Guinea and certainly one of our favourite parts. Here, you can visit multiple World War II wrecks as well as go snorkelling and enjoy life in a small cottage on an blissfully peaceful islet. Treks, such as the trek to Admiral Yamamoto’s wreck, as well as cultural encounters can also be organised.


If you are interested in visiting Papua New Guinea during a Cultural festival, here are the dates to look for:

  • July: National Mask Festival in Rabaul, East New Britain
  • August: Mont Hagen Cultural Show in Mont Hagen (the biggest cultural show in the country!), Sepik Crocodile Festival near Wewak and Enga Festival in Enga (famous for its sand paintings)
  • September: Goroka Cultural Show in Goroka and Hiri Moale in Port Moresby
  • October: Morobe Cultural Show in Lae
  • November: Kenu and Kundu Canoe Festival in Milne Bay

Young Pioneer Tours can arrange safe, fun and up-close tours to Papua New Guinea at any time of the year. Get in touch with us!