Yough Pioneer Tours

June Football Tour

OK, so not exactly our most regular of tours, but one I have to say I am very happy to be arranging. Basically the premise of this tour is for people that wish to play football in North Korea, to get a chance through this 5 a side tournament. As well as playing football in the DPRK, and what I think makes this tour interesting for geeks such as myself is that we get to see a live game in the DPRK Football League, also known as the Supreme League, which is kind of the Premier League of the DPRK. Football is really well supported in the DPRK, as people would have seen over the world cup (when we also did a football tour!), and are very good at it.

We also finish the tour with a bit of beach football in beautiful Wonsan. Again, not exactly a standard tour, but playing a tournament, watching a live game, and even doing beach football in one barmy DPRK week has got to be worth a look!