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23 Reasons you should visit Syria in 2024

While still technically at war and while definitely feeling the pinch of sanctions Syria is now at relative peace and very much open for tourism. Here’s why you should visit Syria in 2024!

Why 23 reasons to visit Syria? Well it’s 2024 and while there are many more than 22 reasons to visit this wonderful country, by doing this we get to write a 23rd reason to visit Syria next year (and so on).

So in no particular order, here are our 23 reasons you should visit Syria in 2024!

The Syrian War is basically over

Despite Islamist held Ibid, the Turkish held parts and the whole craziness that is Rojava  70 percent of Syria is under government control. This means that visiting Damascus, visiting Aleppo and other great places like Homs and the like is now safe. Of course many governments would say otherwise, but this one is for you to decide.

Old Damascus is a great place to party!

When ISIS were knocking at the door of Damascus the people simply continued to party. It is amazing how resilient Syrians truly are. Damascus has great food, great drinks and wonderful people to hang out with. You can read about our favourite bar in Damascus here.

Syrian food is amazing

Another reason you really should visit Syria is the rich and flavoursome foods. Forget Iran and Iraq, Syria won’t get boring and everyday is different. Of course you will eat kebabs too, but they have a bunch of other ides including all meats and enough salads and the like to keep vegetarians and vegans happy. To read about street food in Aleppo click here

Syria is literally a cradle of civilization 

Syria is a truly ancient country and has been involved in everything from ancient times right up until the current, but at least almost over brutal civil war. Churches, mosques colosseums, citadels, you name it they’ve got. 


Here’s a great reason to visit Syria in 2024, Palmyra. Sadly mostly destroyed by ISIS, but the drive is worth it. Truly an amazing place to visit, but also equally heartbreaking as to how much has truly been lost in this area.

Traveling to Aleppo 

If you’re traveling to Syria you need to travel to Aleppo. Formerly one of the richest places in the region and host to the most prestigious souk in the region. Now much of the city lies in ruins, with as my Syrian partner putting it “This is the price of democracy”. Again great food and a pretty cool citadel. Oh and you can visit a hotel that Lawrence of Arabia stayed at. 

visit Syria
Aleppo Guide

Visit Syria for the drinks

And no I don’t just mean alcohol, although that is also part of it. Lots of strange teas, juices, local beers and arak. You’ve not been here unless you’ve had arak. To read about the best drinks in Syria click here.

Visit Syria for the people!

I know everyone literally says this about every country, but Syrians truly are some of the most welcoming people n earth. Expect to get invited into houses to make great friends and enjoy tea, or arak over great conversation. 

Visit Syria for the people

Visit Syria for the multiculturalism

OK, so this is kind of part of the general people and culture thing, but it is truly great to see and enjoy a genuine multicultural country with people going about their faith without hassle. Seeing all this working together and just breatheng in the culture is truly an amazing thing.

Visit Syria equals helping people 

Whatever your thoughts on the Assad regime sanctions usually effect people rather than governments. Syrians are now earning on average $45 a month. Syria is not a state run economy like North Korea, so what you spend goes to the real people of the country. 

Is it safe to travel to Syria
Is it safe to travel to Syria

To read about if it is ethical to visit Syria click here

They have a Kim Il-Sung park

OK, so a very YPT geek thing to add, but it makes the list regardless and we do not apologise. 

To read about things named after Kim Il-Sung click here

Syria has great Shawarma 

OK, so it fits in with food, but this gets an extra entry just because I am English. OK, so burger sauce, but not once did I tire of a Syrian shawarma. Oh and falafel too, but I feel giving that its own entry would be lazy.

Visit Syria and Bosra

Bosra is a qweird place that is still kind of rebel controlled, but in actuality is at pace with the government. We are one of the few companies that get out to here. Has the oldest coliseum outside of Rome, yep that is pretty impressive.


Visit Syria to hear the Lords Prayer in Aramaic  

Whether you are religious, a Christian, or merely interested in history there is something really special about hearing the Lords Prayer in Aramaic (the language of Jesus) by people who speak it as their mother tongue in a church built out in a cave.

You get to see Beirut

Most tours to Syria go via Beirut, which is also super super cool, so add on a few more days and see the city for yourself. Better still do it on our Lebanon tour.

A picture taken on August 5, 2020 shows the damaged grain silo and a burnt boat at Beirut’s harbour, one day after a powerful twin explosion tore through Lebanon’s capital, resulting from the ignition of a huge depot of ammonium nitrate at the city’s main port. – Rescuers searched for survivors in Beirut after a cataclysmic explosion at the port sowed devastation across entire neighbourhoods, killing more than 100 people, wounding thousands and plunging Lebanon deeper into crisis. The blast, which appeared to have been caused by a fire igniting 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate left unsecured in a warehouse, was felt as far away as Cyprus, some 150 miles (240 kilometres) to the northwest. (Photo by STR / AFP)

Visit the best bar in Damascus

Barbershop Damascus, not just the best bar I have been to in Syria, but in my top ten in the world. I do not take “best bar” titles lightly let me tell you. You can read about Barbershop here.

Say a big screw you to terrorism

ISIS very nearly took over both Iraq and Syria, by visiting you are not only saying no Islamic Fundamentalism, but you are saying a big yes to secularism. And believe me the people appreciate it.

Is it safe to travel to Syria
Is it safe to travel to Syria

Visit Syria for the soap 

Yes you read that right. Aleppo soap is the oldest continuously running brand in the world at 800 years, bar a few it missed due to ISIS. Go to Aleppo and see it made, as well as grab some souvenirs. 

Visit the Baron Hotel 

Kings, queens, princes and even Lawrence of Arabia have stayed here. Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express here and to top it all off the manager is what one might call a character.

To read about the Baron Hotel click here.

Visit Syria and buy a football shirt

OK, so perhaps this is a bit a frivolous reason to visit Syria, but reason it is none the less. I collect football shirts and Syria have a nice little red number. You can also watch a live game if you come with YPT.

Visit Syria and hear THEIR side of the story

Probably the most important reason to visit Syria, or indeed any country that is in any way vilified by the west is to go and hear their story. Syria frankly is no different. You will meet Syrians tortured by ISIS or Al Nusra, or have lost loved ones, or were part of the liberation fight. You will meet people that do not like Assad, BUT you will meet people who see him as the saviour of the country. Essentially you never know a story properly until you go and see and hear it for yourself.

You can combine it with Lebanon

To get to Syria you pretty much have to go through Lebanon and that in itself is a treat. Combined these two countries probably have the best food, drink and people in the Middle-East.

Come before the crowds

Before the war Syria was a Mecca for tourism going right back to French colonial times. In fact if this was anywhere else in the world it would be jam packed with tourists. Nothing stays the same forever and Syria is no different. Now is the time to Visit Syria (before anyone else).

So, if you want to visit Syria and see it for yourself  then why not join one of our Syria Tours

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