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Is it safe to travel to Syria in 2024?

Is it safe to travel to Syria? The vast majority of Syria, specifically the government controlled parts, such as Damascus and Aleppo are safe to travel to. The parts that are either rebel controlled, or still at war are not. 

There are of course many caveats to this with this  being our particular opinion. It is always advisable to check your government recommendations and travel advisories to Syria.  

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Is it safe to travel to Syria? Is Syria still at war?

While almost the entirety of Syria was previously at war,  which included Damascus the government with backing from Russia largely defeated Islamic State and Al Qaida linked Al Nusra in 2018.

Sadly this did not mean things just getting back to normal and there are areas controlled by both Kurdish insurgents and Turkish backed insurgents, both of which also fight each other. To make things even more complicated Syria is still very much a proxy war-ground with air strikes from Syria not uncommon.

Fighting though is largely restricted to these areas and while airstrikes happen they occur in military areas rather than touristic ones. Therefore while you are safe, diligence has to be observed and following the advice of local partners is paramount. 

Can I travel to rebel held areas of Syria?

There are tales of people getting their visa and then traveling to rebel held areas. This is not only illegal it will also get your local contacts into trouble and is essentially just very stupid. 

On our tours we visit Bosra which exists in a middle ground between being under government and rebel control, enjoying a kind of autonomy. This is about as close to rebel as you want to get. 

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Rojava could be described as relatively peaceful, but it is surrounded by hostility. Idib which is nearby is still very dangerous though. Trips though to Rojava are though now possible at least for journalists – for information on this please do get in touch.

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Is it safe to visit Syria – is there much crime in Syria?

Syria has relatively low levels of serious crime with most if any being low-level. There are some beggars on the street, as well as instances of pickpocketing, but generally these pale in comparison to even Beirut.

Cultural sensitivities should be respected though and while you can party like crazy in Damascus, other places such as Aleppo are much more conservative. 

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Is it safe for women to travel to Syria?

Whatever you think of the current regime it is extremely secular and it is not uncommon to see groups of girls out late together, or in bars, particularly in Damascus. 

Of course like anywhere common sense prevails, but compared to neighbouring countries such as Egypt it is much safer. 

Is it safe for LGTBQ + people to travel to Syria?

Is it safe for gay people to travel to Syria? In Short yes it is, with there being very few reports of arrest for homosexuality. That being said it is technically illegal, although nowhere near to the degree it is in places such as Saudi Arabia. 

It is fine to share a room with your same sex partner in Syria, although overt displays of affection in public should be avoided. 

Can you do Urbex in Syria?

Technically Syria is an urbex dream, but in reality there are multiple facets that make it not safe, or even morally right. There are broken buildings everywhere, but not only are they extremely unsafe, but many still house people trying to eek out an existence. 

View the carnage that has befell the Syrian people with the humility and respect it deserves.

Can Americans travel safely to Syria?

Since this year Americans have been permitted to travel to Syria and the safety level is the same for them as it is for others. You can read about American travel to Syria here.

Is it safe to travel to Syria in 2024? We certainly think so and will have now announced our full tour program.

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