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Top 5 Street Foods in Dandong

Dandong is the Chinese border town city to North Korea, which gives this unique city a great opportunity to have the best of both worlds regarding Chinese and North Korean taste.

After living in Dandong for a few years, I’ve compiled a list of what I think is the best top 5 street food you must try while you’re in Dandong before your trip with us to the DPRK.

If you’re staying overnight, I highly recommend heading to Chunwulu (春五路) – this night market has the best street foods in Dandong starting from 5pm until midnight during summer.

5) Seafood

SEAFOOD! Since Dandong is right on the Yalu River and the Yellow Sea, you’ll understand why the people here go nuts for seafood. Literally sold everywhere and a hell of a lot cheaper than other Chinese cities. I’d recommend the barbequed seafood skewers you’ll come across when walking along the Yalu River during the evening, but I recommend popping into any restaurant and asking what their seafood recommendation is. It’s fresh, and you honestly can’t go wrong.

4) Strawberries

I’m cheating here a little – fruit isn’t technically street food, but it’s worth knowing Dandong is very famous in China for its delicious strawberries. Available on every street corner, it’s worth getting a dozen of them for roughly 25RMB for a refreshing bite.

3) Pyongyang Cold Noodles

While Pyongyang Cold Noodles are most famous coming from Pyongyang city, you’ll be surprised by the number of people from Pyongyang who live or work in Dandong, thus creating the demand for this classic dish. You can find this dish offered in many of the North Korean restaurants scattered around Dandong, but I’d recommend finding the little old ladies on the street making this from their carts. It’s usually around 10RMB and incredibly delicious.

2) Egg wrapped crepe with doughnut stick (Jidanguozi 鸡蛋果子)

Do not underestimate this bad boy. Easily one of my best snacks in China of all time and definitely the best way to start your morning. You can relate the Jidanguozi to the Jianbing (煎饼) found in other northern Chinese cities, but this has a unique North East china twist. It’s made a little spicier than usual and comes with a delicious doughnut stick (油条). If you’ve just arrived into Dandong from the overnight sleeper train from Beijing – you’ll find numerous carts just outside the station selling it from 5RMB

1) Dandong Barbeque with Yalu River Beer

Being Australian, I might be a little biased here, but nothing beats a good ol’ BBQ session with mates. Available indoors during winter and outdoors on the street during summer, you can pretty much find anything to grill up from seafood, lamb, pork, beef, chicken, and a lot of vegetables. Topped off with Dandong’s very own Yalu River Beer you really can’t go wrong.

We can also arrange for Dandong day tours with our expert local guide who can show you the best street food spots. Read out Dandong Guide for more details.

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