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Will the Syrian Airport Bombings Affect Tourism?

The recent bombings of both Damascus and Aleppo International Airports led many to wonder if this means that Syria is being dragged into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and indeed whether it is thus safe to travel to Syria.

What is the significance of Damascus and Aleppo Airports

They are the two most important airports from the two most important cities in Syria, and by important we mean more from a logistical and business point of view than military.

As things stand they are the two most important civilian airports in the country and thus have an intrinsic, as well as a paratactical value to the country.

Why did Israel bomb the Syrian Airports?

No one quite knows, but many feel it has been done for a number of reasons. Principal among these is essentially as a warning to Syria to stay the hell out of the conflict, but also as a warning to Iran.

Iran has been allegedly supporting Hamas through Syria and had been planning a visit to Syria, said bombing would also show Iran that Israel knows here you are and can bomb you.

The fact of the conflict on Iran Tours, is a whole other question.

What are the chances of Syria being dragged into the conflict?

Again this is an issue that many people have different opinions on, but the reality is that the chances of Syria actively trying to get involved in the conflict are extremely slim. Despite the fact that Syria is very much aligned with Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah, and would like to get back the Golan Heights, the reality is it I snot strong enough to go head to head with Israel.

So, while the Syrian Airport Bombings would prove an issue to mots nations, do not underestimate the resolute manor in which Syria deal with things. Therefore while this situation is very much one in which we will keep our eyes on, the reality is tourism in Syria is likely to remain largely unaffected.

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