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What´s it Like to Stay in Pyongyang´s Most Famous Hotel?

In Part Two of our video series exploring the Yanggakdo International Hotel, North Korea’s largest hotel, YPT Tour Manager Rowan Beard takes you through its microbrewery, revolving restaurant, and a standard bedroom!

The Yanggakdo International Hotel was constructed from 1986 to 1992 and was opened in 1996.

In addition to its distinct 1990’s vibe, the building boasts 47 stories and 1,000 bedrooms. As well as the standard hotel fare, this impressive monolith is also home to (deep breath): several restaurants, dining halls, a bookshop, karaoke bar, bowling alley, billiards bar, ping pong tables, swimming pool, massage parlor, tailor, beauty salon. All this plus a revolving restaurant on the 47th floor!

On the ground floor, you also purchase some great souvenirs such as North Korean money sets and postcards. You can even get yourself a North Korean style suit tailor-made just for you! Our guide Justin shows off his suit and gives a step by step guide on how to do this in his blog post here.

A night at this joint prices at a whopping $499 per night for two adults, and is North Korea’s first luxury hotel.

Want to see the Yanggakdo for yourself? Check out YPT’s upcoming North Korea tour schedule, where “The Gak” serves as the primary accommodation for most tours to the DPRK. Click here for more information!

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