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Mass Games to Return for 2020 North Korean Tours

We’ve confirmed from our numerous sources within Pyongyang the Mass Games will make another comeback this year starting for the 75th Anniversary celebrations of Liberation Day held on the 15th of August and will be showing weekly until the 75th Anniversary of Party Foundation Day held on the 10th of October.

What is the Mass Games?

First performed in 2002, the Arirang Mass Games feature over 100,000 participants in a 90-minute display of gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and dramatic performance. This, together with music and other effects, all comes together wrapped in a highly politicized and synchronized package. It also features the ‘largest picture in the world’ – a giant mosaic of 18,000 students each holding a book whose pages link with their neighbours to make up one gigantic scene.

How can I watch the Mass Games?

The following YPT tours will include spectating the Mass Games in May Day Stadium Pyongyang.


75th Anniversary Liberation Day tour

75th Anniversary Liberation Day & Summer tour

75th Anniversary Liberation Day Ultra Budget tour

DPRK Express tour

August Ultra Budget tour


Unseen DPRK & Entire Pyongyang Metro tour

Grand National Day tour

Grand National Day & North East tour

Grand National Day Ultra Budget tour

Pyongyang City Bicycle & DMZ tour

Pyongyang Autumn Marathon Ultra Budget tour

Pyongyang Autumn Marathon tour


The Real Deal tour: 75th Anniversary Party Foundation Day tour

75th Anniversary Party Foundation Day tour

75th Anniversary Party Foundation & Mt. Kumgang tour

75th Anniversary Party Foundation Day Ultra Budget tour

Chinese National Day tour

Chinese National Day Ultra Budget tour

Supreme Leaders Ultra Budget tour

How much is the ticket for Mass Games?

The Mass Games is on top of the tour cost and is paid in cash during your tour in Pyongyang

Cost per person:

3rd Class – €100 / 800RMB

2nd Class – €300 / 2,300RMB

1st Class – €500 / 3,800RMB

VIP – €800 / 6,000RMB

To get a sneak peek of what is in store click here to watch a video from the 2018 rendition. Contact us now for more details on the Mass Games and to secure your spot.