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North Korean Military Parades

You know when a North Korean military parade is taking place in Pyongyang because without a doubt, you’ll see it in every international headline around the world. Kim Jong Un comes out to greet the city and gives a political update, and the Korean People’s Army proceed to show off their military hardware with a unique retro-Soviet sort of fashion that very few countries these days still do.

However, the most common misconception about North Korea is that there’s a military parade for every time there’s a national holiday, which would be exhausting since North Korea has over 30 different holidays each year. Did you know that military parades in North Korea aren’t as common as one would think? They take place on every fifth anniversary for major national holidays and, from our experience, we’ve counted less than five events of the year that are considered large enough to throw a big military parade party.

How can I watch a military parade in North Korea?

If watching a military parade in North Korea is high on your list well then, you’re in luck! 2019 will mark the 75th Anniversary for two separate celebrations taking place in Pyongyang, the capital. Liberation Day is held on 15th August and Party Foundation Day on 10th October. Both are major events for the Koreans as Liberation Day marks the end of Japanese-occupied Korea during WWII, and Party Foundation Day is the founding day of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

What can I expect on these days?

We have confirmed that military parades will be taking place in Kim Il Sung Square on both days which will involve tanks, artillery, jets and lots of soldiers. At Young Pioneer Tours we receive regular updates from our local intel so we are given the best possible heads-up on the military event to secure the best positions to watch, cheer and take photos of the parade.

A very special mass dance ceremony is also scheduled where over 2000 university students perform. Another great event for photos, and an even better opportunity to jump in and learn some North Korean dance moves.

The Mass Games is yet to be confirmed for either days as we await news if it will make a comeback in 2019 or not but stay tuned!

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